Hey guys. Thanks for joining us. Welcome to the highway man signs podcast your best Tulsa sign company here in the Tulsa, Bartlesville and Skiatook area here in Oklahoma. Thanks for joining us today. Uh, last time, uh, if you’ll remember, we talked about banners and all the different types and uses for those. And today, we’re going to kind of talk about it’s a little brother or a sibling, you know, if you want to call it that, um, the yard sign. Um, and I, and I say sibling, because we sell banners and yard signs together, um, gosh, 75% of the time, um, because they go well together when you’re doing an event, uh, it’s amazing. Um, you know, when you’re, you can hang a banner that has how much you, you know, your, your event on there, whether it be a car show this Saturday or, or, um, big, uh, sales event, or, you know, something like that. Welcome to the highway man signs podcast your best Tulsa sign company here in the Tulsa, Bartlesville and Skiatook area here in Oklahoma

And you can have yard signs to go out. You can hang the banner at the location, you can get yard signs for the same thing, printed on it and sprinkle those around the community. Um, you know, give for, for a church or having an event, you can hang a banner out front, um, you know, saying, oh, Easter this Sunday. And then you can make Easter signs and give away to all their members and they can put them in their yards at home and, and, and promote the church as it promote, you know, obviously the, um, you know, Easter and everything. Um, yeah. Now yard signs come in a variety of sizes. Um, your standard sizes, um, you’re, you’re your number one size for yard signs is 18 inches by 24 inches. That’s 24 inches wide, 18 inches tall. And this is, this is probably the best size. And the reason I say that, I’ll talk about our other sizes in a second. Um, but this is the best size because this, this is a good side that you can read driving by. You can see it on the road, you can easily side of the road just fine. Um, and we’ve got, we’ve got two different state sizes and some places charge extra for their states. We do not. We include it with the cost of the sign. So you don’t ever have to worry about, Hey, am I going to get steaks with, these are a lot of places they sell, assign, then you go say, well, I need something to stay because in the ground, whether they’re like, oh yeah, here’s a steak or extra. Welcome to the highway man signs podcast your best Tulsa sign company here in the Tulsa, Bartlesville and Skiatook area here in Oklahoma

Um, we just included with the, with the press, the sign. Um, but yeah, 18 by 24. That’s, like I said, that’s the, as a standard size 24 by 18. And like I said, I really liked those the best. Now we do do to other sizes that classify as a yard sign, um, 12 by 18. These are great if you’re, if you’re just wanting, um, you’re just getting started. You’re, you’re being, uh, you know, trying to be cost-effective and you want to just do some small yard signs. Now, these are fine for residential neighborhoods. I don’t suggest them on the side of a highway or something like that because they are quite a bit small. I mean, I mean, literally they’re half the size of a 24 by 18. And, um, like I said, you just don’t get a whole lot of space. Um, you just don’t get a whole lot of real estate to put your, put your message on, um, you know, it’s fine if you’re gonna do something really simple, maybe A logo and phone number, you know, or, um, Just, uh, if you’re wanting some yard sale signs, um, you know, obviously that’d be fine. Um, we sell a lot of this size to, uh, for, uh, realtors, actually, realtors are real popular with these. Um, I think it’s, but again, they’re generally in residential areas. Um, so, and the reason I say residential areas is because, uh, for one they’re small enough, um, you know, people keep their yards mowed. You know, there’s not gonna be high grass in front of these. Um, and also you’re going to be driving slow enough that if you see it, you’ll be able to read it and go, um, we also do a 24 by 36, 2 foot by three foot. Um, and, uh, and these are great if you’re really wanting a large sign that you can just stick in the ground simply. Um, now these require two steaks, so we do charge extra for these steaks. Um, and the reason I say we recommend two steaks is because when, I mean, these are kitchen, a lot of winter, quite a bit, again, it’s twice the size of our standard 24 by 18. So I recommend getting two steaks for these. Um, and we use this, the, the, the inexpensive wire stakes are called H frame stakes. Um, and there’s two different styles. Um, there’s a traditional, um,

Welcome to the highway man signs podcast your best Tulsa sign company here in the Tulsa, Bartlesville and Skiatook area here in Oklahoma What we call a, uh, Just an H frame and literally just looks like an age six in the ground, and this basically puts it lower to the ground, which is great because it doesn’t catch as much wind. They don’t get toppled over the, the larger ones. The double size are, uh, they stick up great, but they also flop and bend in the wind very much, so much so that, um, if you put one that’s taller next to the, the shorter H frame stakes, um, you’ll actually be able to read the one that’s shorter, easier, because it’s not getting bent over and pushed over by the wind while the taller steak is almost, it is. I’ve seen them just bend over and almost be parallel with the ground. So it’s, it’s crazy, um, that, that works that way, but it, it it’s really, really, really awesome. Um, we can do either, either way.

Do you want, so anyway, I guess, and I appreciate you guys joining us. So this is the, how are you man, science podcast. Um, and that’s, that’s been, that’s our podcast for today. I was just talking about yard signs. Um, probably one of the most common, uh, types of size, small size that, that work really good for just about any business church, individual that wants to promote either an event or their business, or just their church location. Uh, these are great for school events. Um, these are great for, um, schools like, you know, like when you’re promoting, just promoting school, Hey, this is the home of a bulldog, or this is the home of a Bruin. Um, this is a home of a hurricane, you know, whatever these, you know, these are the style that we stick in the ground they’re based. They’re made of, I didn’t even talk about having made of they’re made of corrugated plastic, um, formal corrugated plastic, and we do a direct to print, um, system. Welcome to the highway man signs podcast your best Tulsa sign company here in the Tulsa, Bartlesville and Skiatook area here in Oklahoma We have a large printer, um, eight foot, eight foot wide, and it prints directly onto the Coroplast. And we can do any color, any design, um, as many colors as you’d like, uh, as simple as you’d like, or as, as, even as, uh, elaborate like now. Um, and we charge the same price. A lot of places, they will break it down by color. They own the more collaboratives and more expensive it is. Um, we don’t, we, we put a white sheet in and we print it. It doesn’t matter what you want on there, you know, is going to be the same cost. So, you know, really gets a good bang for your buck. So I appreciate you guys listen today again, I’m Kenny and, uh, I’m your host and the owner of highway man signs where you’re, uh, best Tulsa sign company in the Tulsa, Bartlesville and skiatook areas here in Oklahoma. So thanks again for listening and we’ll catch you next time.