Auto Wraps

Want your business to get noticed? There is no better advertising than a vehicle wrap! Auto wraps are the most noticed form of advertising today, and such a great value when compared to other forms of traditional marketing. Think about it, can you build a billboard in the middle of Walmart’s parking lot? No, but you can park your wrapped truck just about anywhere! The options are virtually unlimited. Trucks, Cars, Vans, Box Trucks, Service Trucks, Boats, and more! Want to turn that old car into a work of art? How about a wrap?! The only limit is your imagination!

Channel Letters

The ultimate “sign” of professional service. These individually lit letters come in almost any size and shape. Custom fonts, colors, and logos are no problem. These LED lit letters and logos are bright and look great, day or night! Channel letters are always a sharp, clean, and professional style of signage for any business!

LED Displays

Digital displays catch the eye no matter what time of day! Our displays use cutting edge technology and come in high resolution 9mm or even 6mm! Video capable, Time & Temp, Cellular or WiFi connectivity. Includes FREE online software, accessible from anywhere you are. You can update your display even if you’re sitting on the beach! Comes with a manufacturer’s 5 year parts warranty, upgradeable to a 5 year parts and labor warranty. Be the talk of the town with your very own LED Display from Highway Man Signs!

Wall Wraps

Custom wall wraps can really make your home or business stand out! Whether it’s a custom mural, landscape, logo, or pattern, Highway Man Signs can handle it! Want a focal point for your office? Wrap a wall instead of paint. Welcoming home a new baby? A custom wall wrap in your nursery can really make it feel complete! Whatever you have in mind, Highway Man Signs has your back!

Lighted Signs

Traditional roadside or building mounted lighted signs are always a great option! Durable aluminum construction with shatter resistant polycarbonate faces or high quality flexible faces with special translucent vinyl that looks great when back lighted. Available in almost any size, great for pylon signs, monument signs, pole signs, or building signage with fluorescent or LED lit options.

Non-Lighted Signage

Lighted signs outside of your budget? No problem! High quality Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) is a great alternative! Affordable and durable, these double sided aluminum sheets with a PVC core, are great for all types of signs! Comes standard in 4×8, 4×10, or 5×10 sheets or we can cut down to whatever size you need. We can also stack sheets for extra large projects!

Window Graphics

Have a large store front? Let’s use that space to grow your business! We can install vinyl lettering, or your logo to your windows at any size! Have a window you want covered but still want to see out? Perforated window film lets us cover an entire window with graphics, limiting what people outside can see, but inside, you can see out clearly! Window graphics are always a great choice to get your business noticed!

Vehicle Signage

Need logos installed on your service trucks? Want a large design installed on your church van? Highway Man Signs can help! Anything from license numbers, lettering, logos, phone numbers, graphics, partial wraps, or full auto wraps, we do it all! Let us help you stand out!


Need a quick easy sign to get you noticed? Welcome home a loved one? Advertise a sale? Sell a home? Announce an event? Promote your local club? Then you just might need a banner! Banners are great for all of those things and more! Affordable, durable, and easy to store, just roll it up and put it in a closet until the next time you need it. Single sided or double sided options available.

Yard Signs

Yard signs are a simple and easy way to get your message out there. Great for businesses, political signage, contractors, churches, clubs, schools, realtors, and individuals! Use these to show your support for your local school, promote your church, direct friends to your wedding, sell a home, place in your customers yard after a remodel, or place all over town to get the word out about whatever you’re passionate about! Yard signs are easy to install and affordable!

PVC Signage

PVC signage is great for directing people around your place of business, restroom signage, wayfinding signage, exit signs, hanging signs, or anything else inside your office, business, church, or school!


Magnets are great for vehicles when you don’t want a permanent sign. They also make great calendars for local school sporting schedules. How about a business card that stays on your customer’s refrigerator? Versatile, durable, and best of all removable and reusable!


Decals, stickers, whatever you want to call them… they make marking your stuff so easy! Great for logos, lettering, windows, striping, and so much more! Hand them out to your customers, church members, or just your fans to put on their vehicles to show their support or membership. Also great for marking equipment, hard hats, tools, and other belongings with your logo.

Business Cards

We’ve covered just about every sign or graphic we can think of with your logo and now you need business cards. Of course we can handle that! Highway Man Signs is a one stop shop for all your signage needs. Available in single or double sided. From business cards to billboards and everything in between!

Real Estate Signage

Need affordable realtor signage? Look no further, Highway Man Signs has you covered! Steel real estate frames with aluminum inserts, yard signs, directional signage, riders, magnets, banners, auto wraps, and more! Everything you need to get that home or property SOLD!

Metal Signs

These .040 or .080 aluminum blanks are great for parking lot signs, plant safety signs, warning signage, oil field signage, no trespassing signs, highway signage, park signs, school signs and more! Available in standard or reflective colors.