Hey guys, this is, uh, Kenny, and Welcome to the highway man signs podcast your best Tulsa sign company here in the Tulsa, Bartlesville and Skiatook area here in Oklahoma. And we appreciate you guys listening today. How last time we talked about decals, decals, decals, stickers, whatever you want to call them, we make them, and they’re good to stick on anything. So just remember we can do that. And that’s what we talked about last time, all the different types, um, which aren’t as many as you think we can do just about any size that you needed to any shape, any color or anything that you’re looking for. So just remember if you’re need a decal. I’m in science at the place. Now, uh, today we’re going to talk about business cards. Um, we like to say that how a man signs, we do everything from business cards to billboards and everything in between. Um, and that’s not too far off. So business cards, obviously, you know, they are for the card in your wallet that you hand out to people. They’re the ones you, you hide in here because somebody gave one to you. Um, now we, how it sounds, we don’t actually do a whole lot of different styles of business cards. Where do your standard? Um, they’re two inch by three and a half inch rectangular business card. Now they can be done. And, um, we can do them in actually just about any size. Um, but there are some different, um, finishes as well. Um, that are standard. One that we do is, um, like I said, just on, on, on 10 point, um, cardstock, they’re gloss.

Um, you can get them front and back, full color printed. Um, now you can get them at a rounded corners. If you want square ones, if you want it two inch by two inch square, when are we going to do that? We can do them as thicker paper, four to five 14 ounce paper, um, where they feel really, really quality. Um, you can do a very, very high gloss finish on them, or they’re just almost look like a mirror finish. Um, you can do them in mat where they don’t have a coating on them at all. And those are great for if you’re wanting to be able to write on them or, um, uh, some places like the beat I’ll put stamps on the back. Uh, we do a local, a pizzeria that he hands out his business card. And on the back, if you buy, if you buy eight pizzas, you get, you get one free.

Welcome to the highway man signs podcast your best Tulsa sign company here in the Tulsa, Bartlesville and Skiatook area here in OklahomaAnd so, um, he wants to be able to stamp them. So we do an uncoated back of those for him. Um, yeah, business cards are great. And the reason we do business, we didn’t start out doing business cards. We’re not necessarily like a print shop that does forms and business cards and things like that. That’s not generally what we do. Um, but we wanted to add it as a service to our customers because so many people came in, they came in, we did their truck, we did their business, you know, sign, um, you know, we did there t-shirts or whatever we did all the signage for them. And then they asked about, Hey, do you guys do business cards? And we had to say, no, I’m sorry. You’ll have to go. So-and-so dah, dah, dah. And we started doing this to offer to as a service to our customers because we, we know how important it is to keep your time and to honor your time.

Welcome to the highway man signs podcast your best Tulsa sign company here in the Tulsa, Bartlesville and Skiatook area here in Oklahoma And we want to make sure that you can come to us and literally be a one-stop shop for everything you possibly need for signage, for your company, uh, for your business, your school, your, um, your place of business, whatever it is. And we want you guys to be 100% able to come in and say, you know what? I want a business card. I want a decal. Uh, I want a t-shirt I want a yard sign. I want a banner. I want a metal sign. I want a lighted sign, a channel letter. I want a vehicle or for my business, I want a billboard. And I want to be able to say, yes, we can do that. We can do all those things and you can come here and do it a one place. You know, unlike a lot of places that only specialize in doing one or two of those things, we do all of it. And we want to make sure that you guys know that, Hey, no matter what we do,

Welcome to the highway man signs podcast your best Tulsa sign company here in the Tulsa, Bartlesville and Skiatook area here in Oklahoma We are Here that help you. We want to promote your business. We want to tie everything in. We want to make sure we keep all the brand and correct. We want to make sure that we keep all the coloring, correct. Um, because I know how important that is. You start using two or three different contractors do this stuff, and it is going to start becoming a nightmare, trying to coordinate it all and keeping everything straight and keeping the quality, um,

You know, top-notch so Just keep that in mind. Um, that’s why we do business cards. Um, now If you guys have, you know, if you also, we can do, um, not just business card, we can do some people like to have like a rack card, more of a, like a handout, um, we can get, um, or we can do, I’m sorry, printed posters. We can do handouts. We can do tri-fold handouts. Uh, we can do, uh, you know, we can print out a one sheet for you. Um, yeah, pretty much anything. Like I said, if, if you can dream it and you want to be hooked, slap your logo on it, we can find it for you. Um, we want to be honest that we want to be a one stop shop for you, um, to make things easy, keep everything straight and keep the quality. Yup. And, uh, yeah, so we want to make your dream come true. And that’s, that’s literally what we do.

Welcome to the highway man signs podcast your best Tulsa sign company here in the Tulsa, Bartlesville and Skiatook area here in Oklahoma. Um, we know how important it is when you’re starting out business to task somebody that you can trust a number one and also have somebody that’s like, that’s looking out for you. I understand how to, I want to make sure that you get the best bang for your buck. Um, starting a business is not easy. You know, like, uh, a say I think it’s 50 or 60% of businesses fail within the first year. So making sure that you’re spending your money on the important things and great signage is one of them. Um, I remember you need to have somebody that’s in your corner that is going to be looking out for you and making sure you’re getting, uh, the best thing for your business. And we want you to look great and we want you to succeed. Um, you know, in everything that you do with your business, so, or your school or your, or your church, you know, your, your realtor, um, we can do, we can do anything and everything is going to help you succeed.

And that’s what we want to do. Um, that’s very, very important to us and we, we form relationships built on trust and, and looking out for each other. So again, you know, if something’s not right, we want to make it right. Um, you know, where a lot of people say, Hey, we do it right the first time. And, um, you know, I w I, we do most of the time. Um, but you know, we’re human just like anybody else. And, and, and I always think that it’s easier to be honest, upfront, Hey, you know what, sometimes things happen. Um, you know, if we don’t get it right the first time, please let us know. We want to make sure we get it right. We want to make sure that you’re happy and we get you on down the road. And, and, uh, and so you can, you can tell other people about us. We want you to succeed, and we hope that you want us to succeed. So we appreciate you guys. Uh, again, this has been the high man science podcast, uh, for the best Tulsa sign company here in the Tulsa, Bartlesville, Skiatook, and surrounding areas here in Oklahoma. Again, thanks for listening. Um, we’ll catch you next time.