Sometimes you are looking for the Best Tulsa Sign Company. No sign is too big or too small when it comes to the HighwayMan Signs. If you were searching for the best you come to the right place.Not only is it the highest rated and most reviewed sign company in the Tulsa metro area but they have a quality promise. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. They are super obsessed with quality control; 100% satisfaction is the quality promise. Total satisfaction for all of their customers so schedule today.

The Best Tulsa Sign Company is HighwayMan Signs. There is no other place to look. Not only do they do great work but are very friendly. From signs, banners and even car wraps your satisfaction comes first. They are not done until you are 100%, not 95%, not 99% but 100% satisfied with the work.

Some wonder how the Best Tulsa Sign Company was earned by HighwayMan Signs. Well let me take a second to tell you. They are a one stop sign shop, whatever you may need they handle. They do not only commercial but residential so don’t worry about owning a business to have a sign. The most affordable sign solution in the area and every client gets a free design with their sign. Some worry about not getting enough one on one time but they have those consultations. All designs are in house and the most importantly: friendly and passionate staff. Why is this essential? When you go somewhere, how you are treated is what most of us remember.

Well you have decided HighwayMan Signs is your final destination. Lets go over the type of services that are offered. Some want their business to get noticed and one of the current noticed forms is an auto wrap. Others have a business that wants channel letters that are clean and professional for any business. Digit displays are another great way to catch someone’s eye with LED displays. These come with a 5 year parts warranty and even an upgradeable labor parts warranty.

Others have a wall that would be great for a wall wrap, whether its for a school or even a nursery. HighwayMan Signs has you covered. Literally! Depending on what you want for your business you might want non lighted signage but other want lighted signs. Don’t fret they got you covered! Does your store or location have big windows that would be great for graphics? HighwayMan Signs would love to come out and take care of those windows. Have a large vehicle or service truck that a beautiful wrap or graphic would look great on? Boom believe it or not they can do it.

Yard signs, banners, magnets, decals, business cards, real estate signage or even metal signs. These are all the different services you can find with HighwayMan Signs. Like mentioned before no job is too big or too small when it comes to your signage get it done right! Call today at 918-534-9100 or visit us at

Best Tulsa Sign Company | Did you see that?

When it comes to The best Tulsa sign company you found it with highwayman signs. Signage comes in many forms and fashions. Luckily the best has everything you can think of needing for marketing or advertising your business. From large vehicle wraps to huge light up LED displays, to even business cards you are covered. Not only are they the highest rated and most reviewed sign company in Tulsa. They are affordable so you can continue to do your business without completely breaking the bank.

How does one earn the title of best tulsa sign company? Let’s start with a variety of services that are provided all in one company. You wouldn’t believe what all they can handle. Auto wraps, banners, metal signs, yard signs, LED displays, channel letters, wall wraps, window graphics, non lighted and light up sign, even business cards. The list could go on but we need to get to the important parts. Like the people who provide the best service in the business.

The best tulsa sign company is run by owners Kenny and Danielle Sutherland. This business started with a family, and the idea of building a legacy for their family. Back in 2002, the original founders Jim and Linda Sutherland decided they needed to start a new venture. Jim was in the auto service industry for 30+ years but starting to deal with a dilemma many people in that field succumb to; failing physical ability. This was very common as a physically demanding job so they sought out something new. Kenny, their son in the early years, started to become a graphic designer because he was in a band. Bands need merchandise: banners, shirts, posters, etc and someone had to design it. This became important later down the road when he started designing customer design jobs for cars and racing them online. This becomes important when the company starts wrapping vehicles. In 2016 the company moved to their current location between Bartlesville and Dewey and continues to grow and grow year over year.

It’s important to know who you do business with and knowing this is a family business shows the values this business holds. It started as a new venture into the business it is now. Starting something from the ground up and then being able to pass that down in your family is a huge feat. Kudos to the Sutherlands for doing what they have done and becoming the best sign company that the Tulsa metro area has come to see. Maybe you’re more on a budget no problem you can get a high-quality non-live sign that comes in a variety of sizes or can be cut down to whatever size you may need.

When you have a sign but not sure what the design should be dont worry the Sutherlands at highwayman signs have you covered. Every customer get a free design with a 100% customer satisfaction promise. So pick up the phone and call 918-534-9100 today to get your signage needs taken care of. Or visit us at to see why we are the highest rated and most reviewed company in the tulsa metro area.