hi, and you’re listening to the highway man signs podcast.I’m Kenny, your host and owner of highway man signs your best Tulsa sign company here in the Tulsa, Bartlesville and Skiatook area here in Oklahoma. And thanks for joining us today. Uh, if you’ve been listening to us last week, we talked about vehicle graphics and all that entails, and, uh, basically we can pretty much do any campus signage on a vehicle, whether it’s a small decal, all the way up to a full wrap on a car. Um, I always said this week, our topic is going to be banners. Banners are, um, and I want to make sure that we’re, um, using the right terminology. A banner is a, any type of sign basically that is made up of a, um, vinyl type fabric, um, tarp black material that can be hymned and rolled up and stored, or, you know, how usually has grommets around the edges.

Um, a lot of people come in and are looking for a vinyl sign. A vinyl sign is really, really generic. Um, that’s not, that’s not exactly. Um, we use vinyl almost every part of what we do at Howard man, and basically, so banners are great. Uh, we can do them just about any size. Um, we, we personally can print them up to eight feet wide, um, and any, in any length that you’re asking for. Um, now if you’re wanting bigger than that, we can, we can seem them and make them larger. We can do them single-sided or double-sided. Um, now one thing that our, our typical materials that we use for a single sided banner, we use 13 ounce. That’s the, that’s the weight of the vide, the vinyl as the strength, and there’s several different, um, whites. Um, they range anywhere from a six to eight ounce, 10 ounce, 13, 14 ounce, um, all the way up to, I think our heaviest weight is 18 oz.

Welcome to the highway man signs podcast your best Tulsa sign company here in the Tulsa, Bartlesville and Skiatook area here in Oklahoma Now the two that we keep in stock, uh, we keep 13 hours for single side of manners and we use 18 ounce for double sided. And the reason devil’s side is heavier, uh, is because, um, it actually has a, uh, actually has a liner in the middle of it. Um, basically so light doesn’t pass through it. So you can read both sides. Uh, if you do a, uh, single sided material and you print on both sides of it and you a bright sun behind it, um, you’re going to be, it’s going to be hard to read, um, because you’ll see the letters depending on the design, of course. Um, but yeah, so those are a couple of different ways that we don’t really use a lower grade material than 13 ounce. Our chances are lowest, um, just because to stand up to win and things like that, um, you know, banners can sometimes have a bad rap just because of, um, you know, they can tear and whatnot.

Welcome to the highway man signs podcast your best Tulsa sign company here in the Tulsa, Bartlesville and Skiatook area here in Oklahoma. Now ways to take care of that is simply roll it up. Um, these, these aren’t, these aren’t tarps, um, it’s not really made to get creases and folds in it. If you take a 13 ounce banner and you fold that thing up like a sheet, um, and store it, it’s going to get creases and it’s going to actually want to tear at those places. And it’s gonna, it’s gonna really, um, shorten the life of your banner and benefit. Great, because they’re, they’re so, so useful and inexpensive. Um, you know, they’re great for when you, um, you have an event coming up and you’re wanting to throw up a sign, um, now always check with your local, uh, city offices and, um, their city governments and make sure they don’t have any ordinances against being hurt or, or if they’re, if they, um, you know, require permits or anything like that.

Um, and every, every town is different. Um, some towns, they don’t mind that and other places, um, one of the, uh, one of the towns that we work in, the cities that we work in very regularly is, uh, they require a permit, a temporary sign permit for any type of banners, um, to be put up. They only issued, they are only good for 30 days and they only issue three a year. You can do 90 days straight, or you can sprinkle them out, but they’re, they’re very strict as far as, uh, banner and temporary type signage. Um, so always make sure you just, you know, do your research, call the city and just find out, you know, uh, if you’re going to have something up for quite a while. Um, yeah. Now, um, don’t forget banners, banners are pretty much good for anything. They’re great for, if you’re, if you just want something that you want to unroll, Hey, I’ve, I’ve printed them for customers that had somebody coming home that was deployed and they wanted to have a banner to hang. Welcome to the highway man signs podcast your best Tulsa sign company here in the Tulsa, Bartlesville and Skiatook area here in Oklahoma

Um, did they get, hold up? You know, their family could hold up when their son or daughter came off the plane, uh, you know, stuff like that, uh, all the way up for, you know, Oxford events for your church or for, uh, maybe if you have a car show coming up or, um, you just want to say, Hey, we’ve got a big sale at our store and you’re willing to hang that up and you just want something in the window. Um, you know, a banner is really the cheapest possible, and it’s funny because, um, the way prayers and stuff work nowadays, um, you know, some people even call and, and, and ask for like a paper bag or they just want something really, uh, you know, inexpensive and, and, you know, there’s something that’s temporary and I don’t necessarily do paper banners. We can, but the poster paper that you have to buy to print on is actually more expensive than just standard banner materials. Standard 13 has pain right here on, I think it just comes down to, um, just supply and demand. Um, you know, bears are so popular. Um, every sign company has to be able to print banners. I mean, that’s just, um, just how the business is. Um, and, and, you know, there are, like I said, there are lighter weights on, you know, six or eight ounce. Um, like I said, I’ve seen it all the way down to that. Um, those are generally for, uh, billboards, things like that, things that are not going to last very long. Um, there’s also mesh manners. These are like perforated bare materials, actually have little holes in here and basically what those are for it’s just for the wind to blow through them. Um, now, uh, the downside of that is, you know, for a mesh barrier, you can’t do a double sided, you know, you have to do single-sided because of the way you actually, you actually see what’s on the back on the other side, almost like a flag.

Welcome to the highway man signs podcast your best Tulsa sign company here in the Tulsa, Bartlesville and Skiatook area here in Oklahoma Um, but they’re very, they’re very cool and lightweight, and the wind blows through them and strong. Uh, I was actually really surprised to, uh, one of the first time we did one the, how strong it was, I was worried that it might be able to rip and tear with the holes on it, but it didn’t, it was, it was just as strong as our standard bear. So, so, yeah. So, uh, thanks for listening today that that was a podcast on, on banners and they’re kind of the different types and different uses. So we appreciate, uh, you guys listening to it. And again, this is, uh, I’m Kenny, and this is the highway man signs podcast, your best Tulsa sign company and the Tulsa Bartlesville and Skiatook areas here in Oklahoma. Again, thanks for listening.