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Whether you’re looking to get a free quote from Highway Man Signs or you would like to find out more about us, give us a call at the number 918-534-9100. We would love for you to meet our owners Kenny and Danielle Sutherland as they are the current owners of our company. If you’d like to see how we got our start originally, they go online to our website at We have been in the business ever since 2002 with our Founders who were Jim and Linda Sutherland. As you can tell, we are a family-owned and operating company.

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decide to start with our Owasso Sign Company and we know that all the signage you get from Highway Man Signs is going to be able to set your new Venture in the right direction. The original founder had plenty of experience within the auto service industry for over three decades and that is why he is very capable and talented when it comes to vehicle wraps and other signage. He was able to pass that down to his team members and they can be very successful when it comes to the jobs that we receive over the years.

No longer working in the auto repair shop, but at his own Owasso Sign Company, our founder of Highway Man Signs faces the Dilemma of feeling when it comes to physical abilities. because auto mechanics is tough and very physical, he was not able to keep up with the labor-intensive job and he had a choice. he could either continue in the field that he knows and suffer or he could find something new. he did end up finding something new and ended up being able to leave a legacy behind for him and his family. you’ll be able to witness that today.

go online to our Owasso Sign Company and its website page so you’ll be able to see that Highway Man Signs has the best options possible for you. You have plenty of videos and pictures that are going to give you examples of our products, but also going to tell you about our early days. We are very grateful for having the foresight we did in the beginning, but we were never sure that it was going to work out. Although we thought the concept was cool, it is completely different than putting it out on paper. Whenever we came up with our name, we only had a small 24-inch vinyl cutter and a computer.

With this and a table that we mounted into our blue and yellow van, Highway Man Signs were able to get it started. We were able to go to events as well as cut decals that were good for them and make small yard signs and banners. if you would like for us to be able to give the best experience, reach out to us today. There is a reason why we are the best in the industry and we have been ever since we got our start. you’ll be able to see that.

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