Speaker 2 (11:54):Thanks For Joining the highway man signs podcast, your top Tulsa sign company in the Tulsa, Bartlesville, Skiatook, and surrounding areas.They’ve always been, um,Speaker 1 (11:56): Very reliable and affordable as far as the price goes.
Speaker 2 (11:59): Yeah. Speaker 1 (12:02):Now what’s cool about led, like I said, is basically once you install that, um, it is kind of a put it up and forget it. Um, it’s going to last a lot longer. They are a lot brighter than the fluorescent, um, and just gives a great look and really it’s, it’s less components that they do cost more currently. Uh, the price has gone down over the years, of course, just like every new item of everything’s going to led. Um, but yeah, it just looks so much better. Uh, it looks, it looks so much better at last longer. It takes less power to run. And of course, um, you know, thinking less power that’s, you know, less impact on our environment, which is always a good thing. And, uh, so back to kind of like the structure of a lighted can sign is a, you have that, that aluminum, uh, sometimes in some cases, steel frame was an aluminum skin.

Speaker 1 (12:57):
What we use are formed aluminum, uh, cans. And so the whole structure is aluminum, except for if it’s installed onto a pole like a pole sign out by the road, uh, we will put a center pole Mount inside the sign that is steel. Um, so we can Mount that to the pole and it has strength all the way through now with, uh, what’s great about lot of cans signs is they’re classic. Um, they are, uh, again, a more affordable option than some of the lighter things we’re going to talk about. Um, it’s kind of the next step up. It’s kind of the first step as far as lighted signage goes. Um, Speaker 1 (13:43): So what’s cool about them is again, you can do all sorts of, uh, different designs as far as the faces are concerned. Uh, you can do standard vinyl lettering, um, which is more like a 2d temp type of effects, simple logos, um, lettering numbers, um, you know, limited colors, um, or you can do a digital print or you can do a full color logo, you know, 3d, um, effects, things like that, shadowing, stuff like that. Um, I don’t recommend doing a lot of that, some yes. Um, just because you don’t want it to be too, uh, digital prints can, can get somewhat washed out with the light because you’re lighting ink rather than like the polyurethane vinyl. Um, Thanks For Joining the highway man signs podcast, your top Tulsa sign company in the Tulsa, Bartlesville, Skiatook, and surrounding areas.

Speaker 2 (14:32): So Speaker 1 (14:32):
There’s, there’s, there’s that, but they both look great. Um, there’s definitely just kind of a me personally, I like to do a simpler sign, simpler layout on that. Maybe do your logo and printed it, did it like your letters and numbers and, um, in standard, uh, translucent vinyl that’s made for, to be backlit with science. Now, now there’s some different components or different materials as far as faces goes are the three main ones is a traditionally, they would use acrylic, signage, um, material. And basically that’s like a, uh, some people like to call it plexiglass. Um, it’s not really it’s different, um, but it is made of similar materials. Um, but acrylic what’s great about that is it’s, it does stay wider for a longer period of time. Um, but it is very, very, um, fragile. It can break very easily. Um, so if a storm hailstorm comes through, uh, beacon, basically kiss your sign goodbye, cause it will get busted out a be throw anything through it.
Thanks For Joining the highway man signs podcast, your top Tulsa sign company in the Tulsa, Bartlesville, Skiatook, and surrounding areas.

Speaker 1 (15:32):
Um, you know, if somebody drives by and they throw something out of their car and it hits the sign, uh, I can obviously shatter a face. Um, but, uh, the kind of the next step up from that is, uh, Lexium or polycarbonate. Um, and this is really, really great material because it is shatterproof basically shatter resistant as what they say, but I’ve actually hit it with a hammer before it, it doesn’t break unless it actually flexes and gets folded. Uh, that’s really the only time I’ve ever seen it break. And I’ve only seen that in very, very limited instances, um, due to like a tornadic storm or, um, you know, or something actually re like a P a board actually got shot through it. And even then when it breaks, it doesn’t shatter. I’ve always seen it basically break in, break in half, essentially. Uh, and just a couple of pieces, the third option, um, when you get to super large signs, um, basically anything over six feet tall, um, or longer, you know, uh, if you have a really long face, um, that’s harder to handle say 20 feet long or more, they’ll use a flex face option.

Speaker 1 (16:43):
And basically what this is, it’s like a canvas or similar to like a banner almost, but it’s, it’s heavier duty it’s made to be backlit, um, is a, is a high quality material that you actually stretch over almost like a drum head. Um, and you print everything on that and you stretch that out. What’s great about that is it’s, it’s, it’s less, it’s less expensive when you get those oversized options than say traditional like acrylic or Lexia, which is so much heavier and, um, and harder to install because of the size, excuse me, my throat was getting dry. Um, and yeah, well the three that kind of the three options, uh, as far as, you know, the different faces for like a lighted can sign. Um, yeah, I think that’s it for this first episode, this first go round. Um, again, you know, this is, uh, my name is Kenny.
Thanks For Joining the highway man signs podcast, your top Tulsa sign company in the Tulsa, Bartlesville, Skiatook, and surrounding areas. Speaker 1 (17:46): I work, I am the owner of highway man signs, your top Tulsa sign company in the Tulsa Barnesville sky took and surrounding areas. Um, and yeah, we’re just trying out something, something new. We want to kind of educate our customers, our listeners, and really kind of bring everybody’s okay. Bar up as far as, uh, yeah, the different types of signage and stuff that you might want at your property or your business or your church or home or school. And, uh, hopefully we can help you out with that. So again, this is Kenny with highway man signs, your top Tulsa sign company. Thanks for listening.