Highway Man Signs is a renowned Tulsa sign company. With employees who genuinely love their jobs to customers who love their product, owner Kenny Sutherland sets the pace and culture for excellence. Being in the sign industry for coming up on nineteen years truly shows. We have customers, who feel more like family, who have been doing business with us for over a decade, some even since Kenny’s father, Jim Sutherland, started the business in 2002. I believe our customers stick with us, because we truly make an irreplaceable product.

A very popular sign we offer is a durable corroplast (otherwise known as corrugated plastic) sign. This type of sign is most commonly used for realtor yard signs. We can do any color background you’d like, with any art on it. One thing that sets Highway Man Signs apart from any other Tulsa sign company, is that we do not charge by color, we charge solely by square footage; that is not a common find in the Tulsa sign company world. We offer a variety of sizes for a corroplast sign, ranging anywhere from a 2 inch by 2 inch tag, to a 5 foot by 10 foot corrugated plastic sign. Another distinguishing feature with Highway Man Signs is that we offer price breaks with different ranging quantities of sign.

Another incredibly popular sign we offer is a PVC sign. PVC signs are very similar to a corrugated plastic sign, except it is solely for indoor use. We’ve made many of these signs for a variety of different businesses that like to have signage in an indoor office. For instance, in our Highway Man Signs Dewey location, we have our cutout logo and our business name in full color mounted on the wall. This is a great option for businesses who need a menu, or an enlarged specific word mounted on a wall inside their office or restaurant.

Alupanel, also known as alumilite, is a very popular sign that we regularly make. This is an extremely durable, weather resistant sign. A huge advantage of this kind of sign is that we can cut it down to any small size and shape you would like or if you would like it bigger, we can piece together multiple different sheets of alupanel with your blown up logo. We have done this for several different companies, in which instance our installation technicians use our bucket trucks to mount it on your very large (in this instance building).

If you have a chance or are close, come say hello. Our staff will greet you with a smile, and lots of information, might I say more than any other Tulsa sign company! Our Skiatook location is 603 W. Rogers Blvd. Skiatook, OK 74070 and can be reached at 918-396-8024. Our Dewey or Bartlesville location is 1037 NE Washington Blvd. Bartlesville, OK 74006 and can be reached at 918-534-9100. Both of our stores can be reached by our email: info@highwaymansigns.com. We cannot wait to do business with you.

Tulsa Sign Company | Experience Our Personalized Care

Welcome to Highway Man Signs! I dare to call is the most professional and outstanding Tulsa sign company. Here at Highway Man Signs, we are here to diligently serve our customers and their vision for their business and personal needs. Here we offer a variety of different signage ranging anywhere from a quarter inch sticker, to a pontoon boat wrap, to an LED sign that you would see on the side of the highway, (hence our business name.) Come on in and we can help you, I dare you!

A very popular product we offer is vinyl. Our staff uses vinyl for almost every job. We have gloss, matte, satin, wrap vinyl, and many more. We can either do just normal vinyl, in which we can apply to a vehicle, make a sticker, or we can apply it to metal, a magnet, or really anywhere you need! One of the many distinguishing factors that sets Highway Man Signs apart from any other Tulsa sign company is that we offer free graphic design, you cannot get that anywhere else!

Here at Highway Man signs we prioritize timeliness and professionalism! That being said, you can expect a quick turnaround time and professional communication to make sure all artwork and logos are up to par and match you and your business’s vision! One of my personal favorite products we make are our canvas pictures! If you send in a high resolution picture to our business for our graphic designers, they can blow it up with our professional software, the graphic design application we use, to the correct size you want your picture. We then print the picture onto our high quality canvas material to your desired size. From there, our team hand builds a frame custom to your canvas image, and we apply the print to the frame so it is unmoving and sturdy.

A very popular sign we are continuously making is a vinyl banner. We can make any sized banner you would like. If you already have a logo, you can email it to us at info@highwaymansigns.com , and we can put it on the banner, or we can make a logo or picture from scratch. Upon making the banners, we make a precise one inch hem, and can out as many or as little grommets in it as you would like. A common question we get is “How do I hang this?” Personally, I would recommend putting out T Posts, using bungie cords for proper retention. You can also hang it from your building, or indoors, or drill it to a wall.

At both our Dewey and Skiatook locations, you can expect quality work made with precision and care. Our Skiatook shop is located at 603 W. Rogers Blvd. Skiatook, OK 74070; the phone number is 918-396-8024. The Bartlesville or Dewey Shop is located at 1037 NE Washington Blvd. Bartlesville, OK 74006; the phone number is 918-534-9100. Call us or swing on by! If you would like, you can also contact us on any of our social media platforms including: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. We can’t wait to work with you and your business!