Tulsa Sign Company we absolutely love our story about our founders here at highway me signs we left the story the story is a beautiful story that is legacy where legacy company. We started way back in 2002 and our original founders were Jim and the Sutherland and they decided that they want to start a new venture. Jim had been working in the auto industry for over 30 years and I had been very successful in this shop but he he did not face with a dilemma. Many people felt eventually come to feeling physically abilities and tired and fatigued.

He see auto mechanic is a very tough a very physical job and it is labor labor intensive and so he made the choice to continue filled it down since high school or he could find something different. And so he and his lovely bride that made their mind that I to create a legacy for their son. And in the early days I there was so much gratefulness are so grateful we always want to do that dad would originally Tulsa Sign Company that dad had a yellow and blue highway signs and that’s how we got our word out to people and I was just 17 and I don’t have any plans for the future. I just knew that I didn’t want to run a business I absolutely do want to run a business. And I had a great job working at the local grocery store.

When I was to make a fortune I was making $22,000 a year. And I just knew that that was plenty of money to live off of. So I did decide to join a band and now whenever I decided to happy and I didn’t pack up and just hit the road. I was very cautious and I stayed at my very reliable grocery store job making $22,000 where I worked from 8 to 5. And then there were more of our customers that were not as receptive until we found out that it was important that I begin doing some other things and then the band I was in having his greatest successes we sure hoped it would and so we I realize that we had to maybe do some other things. And so that’s whenever I fell in love with graphic design and ice began doing graphic design by 2006 I knew that me being a rock star.

I was never going to happen and so then I found it harder then I would like to admit and I was very sad because we were Christian band and I really did find purpose for the first time. And I know that Jesus is the Savior of mankind and that we are spreading that fact and I just didn’t understand why was it going to work out. And then dad said that he could pay me when I was making at the grocery store and so I decided to take a leap and go work for the highwaymen full-time Tulsa Sign Company.

I decide to go back to school apparently I can’t do one thing at a time. I ended RHU and Bartlesville for three spatters I had a four-point GPA by now the company had grown significantly and left for me to invest some new equipment. And so we began to get equipment and then I decide to take the reins. Our website is https://highwaymansigns.com/ and our phone number is (918) 534-9100.

Tulsa Sign Company |Why Did They Start a Business?

Tulsa Sign Company the business was started because my dad was getting worn down and he was an auto mechanic and it was just time for him to do something else is feeling worn down and tired and he realized that this is going to be waiting on him and that he didn’t want that to be the case he didn’t want that to be on Wayne on him and so he decided to do something that both he and my mom could do together. And so they begin working on this together and I was a very exciting thing and they continue to work together and we knew that that was going to be a wonderful experience for both of them.

We are very thankful and very exciting and and we ask of were to Tulsa Sign Company. And we are so excited about all that’s happening now and so I took over the business and now I have a wonderful family and that we are looking for and so that is important so to the reins and clothing installation suppliers in 2009 and wrapped his trucks a few weeks later. That was at this point that our business skyrocketed we immediately outgrew our small downtown shop and we need it really need a much larger place because once you know how to do those car wraps that is a wonderful thing and it was great for us to know how to do that and so we found out how to do that because we absolutely wanted to know how to do that and we knew that that was can occur our business.

When I learned how to grow to as a leader and that was such an honor and how to take on large projects. Then in 2013 after my internship graduation the ground running. And we expanded our printing equipment and our founder in a couple years later we finally had a flatbed printer that we could work with and that was such a great thing and we loved having that were so thrilled that we had that as an option.

And so we are now now we are just hitting the next two years we had just absolutely explosive gross and are so thankful for our customers and for the word-of-mouth referrals. And so then in 2015 we had to add our current staff and we did on our craft became the best sign company reach yes I said in the region and that is so exciting to let being in 2019 then we I actually got married to my lovely bride and I’m so happy to be married to my bride and now we’ve added a darling daughter to her family and we are so excited about this family legacy. Tulsa Sign Company until were so excited that we can create a legacy and if you’re looking to have an impact job that you love we are hiring and see can see that information on our website.

We absolutely love working together and so were so thrilled with our website and with the information that you can see on our website need to learn more about us and you can see all about us and how we did start the business and how were committed to helping you in your business that’s absolutely what we want to do that is very important to us and we just want to make sure that were doing that that is a part. Our phone number is (918) 534-9100 and our website is https://highwaymansigns.com/