Auto Wraps

If you are trying to promote your business without putting a lot of work into it, look no further. Vehicle wraps are one of the smartest and easiest ways to get your business name out there. There’s no recurring charge or monthly fees for an auto wrap, just a one time charge for one of the top ways to advertise for your business. In other words, a vehicle wrap is going to be your cheapest employee!! An employee that’s highly effective and doesn’t require breaks or days off! Highway Man Signs, LLC’s prices beat all of our local competitors and we only offer the best quality.

Highway Man Signs, LLC can design the wrap for you from scratch based on what you and your business need. Our team members will work with you to determine colors, logos, logo placements and other important information for the perfect vehicle wrap. Or if you have a franchise that has requirements to be met, we can follow all your guidelines to create the perfect vehicle wrap for your business.

Already have the wrap printed and need it installed? We can help you there too!

We don’t just wrap vehicles for businesses though. We can help anyone wanting to spruce up a vehicle or put a one of a kind touch on it. Anything from full color changes to making your vehicle your hunting buddy by wrapping it in camo, Highway Man Signs, LLC can handle it. We can even do textured vehicle wraps like carbon fiber and brushed aluminum! Do you like iridescent vehicles that change color depending on how the sunlight hits it? We have some colors that will rock your world.

Highway Man Signs, LLC offers full coverage and partial coverage wraps. A full coverage wrap is “full coverage”l of your vehicle with auto wrap vinyl. It will cover the hood, roof, bed of the truck, full body of a van or car, tailgate if it’s necessary, everywhere. This generally means removing all tags or badges from the vehicle that identify the brand of vehicle. We can also wrap the grill! Just ask for it when you visit us. A partial wrap is exactly as it sounds. It is applied the same way as a full wrap, it just doesn’t fully cover the vehicle. Examples may be only the cab or the bed of a truck gets wrapped, or half of your van gets coverage. Maybe you desire full coverage of both sides, but nothing on the hood, roof, and back of your vehicle.Whatever budget you have to work with, we are capable of helping you advertise your business on your “Driving Billboard”!

If you aren’t convinced whether a vehicle wrap will work for you and your business, take it from us, that was our main form of advertising for years. When we decided to take the plunge and finally wrap the boss’s personal truck, we parked it in front of our shop and we went from 3-5 calls a day to the phone ringing off the hook! We couldn’t keep up with all the leads we were getting. We can say that vehicle wraps work!! So all that being said, we want to design you something that’s original, and doesn’t look like everything else on the road so that you will get noticed. Think about it, can you build a billboard in the parking lot of your favorite grocery store or at the mall, without asking? Of course not, you would get thrown out before you even got to start digging with the equipment you showed up with. But with a wrap that is essentially what you are doing. You are parking a large, cool looking, colorful, eye catching, memorable and possibly the most enticing form of advertising right in the middle of the busiest parking lot of your community!

With possibly thousands of people walking by, getting your phone number or website, how could you not want an opportunity to show off your business, spread school spirit or advertising your growing church. Want a captive audience? How about being stuck in traffic? You could be getting leads while you’re sitting in traffic just by being where everyone else is! Ok, ok, you’re probably already sold on the idea. How long do they last? I’m glad you asked! Auto wraps from Highway Man Signs, LLC have a typical life of 3-5 years on average! 3-5 years? You might say that’s a big margin. 2 years is a big swing. Well, here’s how you can guarantee that 5 year mark. 1. Keep your auto wrap clean. The biggest mistake people make is not keeping the vehicle clean. You have just made an investment, act like it! Not only will keeping your auto wrap clean help make it last longer but it will be more appealing to those that see your vehicle and want your services! Cleanliness is a reflection upon yourself and how well you take care of your business. If people think “they don’t even keep their vehicles clean” they will most definitely think, “that means they don’t value their business, what’s it to them to value our business?” People will more often than not let your business partnership pass without a second thought, and you’re out one potential opportunity. Besides, build up of dirt, mud, road grime, road salt, bugs, and other things can pull on the vinyl sealed around the edges of your vehicle and cause the vinyl to lift. And no one wants that. So help your wrap last a long time by keeping it clean. 2. The second thing that will help your wrap last longer is to try and keep it out of direct sunlight when possible. UV light from the sun is wrap vinyl’s biggest enemy when it comes to longevity. I’m not saying hide your wrap in the garage, but park on the north side of the building if you can, find a shade tree when available, you can even wax your wrap! That’s right, treat it like a paint job and wax it. Spray wax works best. Speaking of paint, is there anything more annoying than shopping cart door dings on your paint? Highway Man Signs, LLC auto wraps will protect your paint! That’s right, door dings are a thing of the past with a quality wrap from Highway Man Signs, LLC!