Business Cards

Business Cards is one of the easiest ways to help spread awareness of you and your business. Highway Man Signs, LLC considers them a necessity for your business. We can custom design your own business card to match the service that you and your business are trying to provide. That means you will be promoting your business with whatever we put on your business card, all the way down to the material the business cards are made of! Remember, business cards are the reminder of you after you and your customer have gone your separate ways. You want something that will leave a lasting impression, and something so well put together they can’t bring themselves to throw your business card in the trash. The more unique your business card, the more memorable you will be! You already did the hard part and charmed your potential customers with your wonderful personality, let us help you maintain your memorableness and captivate your customer with something tangible.

We offer a team that’s been trained to evaluate your situation and help determine the right fit for you and your business. Card stock is the most standard business card material, and is the most economical, however, we can do business cards that are made of metal, wood, plastic and magnet. 

The information that we typically would need to include on your business card is the name of your business, your name and/or your employees name, phone numbers, email address and in most cases, your office address. You can include headlines or deals that you would like to be advertised. For instance, “Free Estimates”, “In Business Since 1959”, “Veteran Owned”, or even “Voted Best in Bartlesville, OK”. Highway Man Signs, LLC will work with you to determine the best design. 

If you already have something in mind, perfect! We will ask you to send us your graphic file so we can upload it into our system. Otherwise, we will design something that we believe will suit you and your business best. We will then work with you and make changes based off of that design. Highway Man Signs, LLC offers free graphic design with every order! So no need to have someone else make the design for you, then have us print, we can do all of it under one roof!!

Business cards can be single sided or double sided. You can be as particular as choosing the finish of your business cards! The shape of the card does not necessarily have to be rectangular either!! Highway Man Signs, LLC offers leaf, rounded single-corner, all rounded corners, circle, and half circle shapes.

Quantities and pricing will vary based on the material of the business cards you choose. The point of business cards is to hand out as many as possible whenever and wherever you are. It will help spread awareness of you and your business and give the customer knowledge on how to contact you. Ordering large quantities of business cards keeps you stocked up, but price breaks are available, so prices only get better the larger the quantity you choose.

Highway Man Signs, LLC also offers door hangers, flyers, and brochures. Anything that you can hand out to your customer or potential client while on the field, we have! Go door to door and place a door hanger on every door you can. The more door hangers you hand out, the more exposure you have. They are perfect for contractor businesses, pest control, security, and lawn care.

Hand out flyers outside your business doors or go to a networking event to hand them out. They have a little more literature on them since you can put more information on a larger space, so you can explain your business purpose or mission a little more clearly. It’s always a good idea to mention services that you offer and maybe even put something in there about you and your team. The customers’ trust may be in your favor if you did so. Flyers are perfect for a quick hand out or you can post them on job boards, or even mail them out. Highway Man Signs, LLC will work with you to create a concept that will be appealing to the customer so it does not immediately go to the trash can. Flyers are also notoriously popular for anyone that is trying to advertise a meaningful event.

Take a handful of brochures to your local city chamber and display them. You should do that in any place that allows that opportunity. New people who move to the city will see your information and if they need that service, they will swipe your brochure up. Anyone visiting the chamber will do the same.

Door hangers can be single or double sided and you can choose whether the finish is gloss or matte! Flyers also can be either single sided or double sided. There’s also the option to have them printed on card stock or heavy paper. Flyers can have rounded corners, square corners, be oval, circular or leaf shaped. Brochures have a variety of folding options to choose from! 

All colors, graphics and fonts are included in the price for all! That means your Business cards, door hangers, flyers, and brochures have not limitations in how they could look! Let your imagination run wild and allow us to do the work for you. Everything is on social media these days, so we can also supply you with the file for your flyer or brochure to advertise on your Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter page once your order has been placed and paid for!

Don’t hesitate to call, email, or stop by either of our two locations. All of us at Highway Man Signs, LLC’s are very excited to work with you. Our mission is to help you determine what will work the best for your specific needs and budget!

The magical thing? Once the business card, door hanger, flyer or brochure layout is approved by you, and you love the final rendering, reordering the same thing is a sinch.