Channel Lettering

If you want the most professional, cleanest looking signage that looks great day or night, channel letters are the way to go. Highway Man Signs, LLC Channel Lettering can help any store front look even more professional and begin to make it the business of your dreams. Channel letter signs from Highway Man Signs, LLC are constructed with three basic components. The front of a channel letter is composed of an acrylic or polycarbonate material called the “face” of the letter or shape. The face is attached with plastic or aluminum trim. The middle section of the letter or shape is called the return. The return is composed of durable aluminum.

Aluminum construction means no rust, and the colors will last longer. Everyone wants longevity with any big item purchase, channel lettering shouldn’t be an exception. The third major component of a channel letter sign is the electrical components. All of Highway Man Signs, LLC channel letters are LED lit. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. These LEDs last longer, are brighter, and take less power than traditional forms of lighting, which means less energy being used. That’s a win for the environment! Most LEDs have a lifetime of around 50000 hours.

That  means over 5 years before you have to worry about changing the LEDs out. These LED lighted channel letter signs can be hooked up to a photocell so that it comes on when the sun goes down and turns off when the sun comes up, or we can hook it up to a timer and set it to your preferred specifications! Channel letters from Highway Man Signs, LLC can be attached to the building in two different configurations. Raceway mount is the most common. A raceway is a long aluminum box that the letters are mounted to. That aluminum box houses the electrical components inside and allows the various power supplies and wiring to be hidden away and protected from the weather. Raceways can be painted to match the building so they blend in and won’t stick out like a sore thumb. The second installation technique is known as remote mount. With this option, we will attach the letters directly to the building without a raceway.

With this option, we will attach the letters directly to the building without a raceway. r supplies and wiring can be inside of the building and out of the weather, hidden from sight. Raceway mounting is more common, simpler to install and could save you money during the installation process, but remote mount looks a little cleaner since there isn’t a long raceway behind your letters. Remote mounting may not be possible in some circumstances due to the construction materials of the property.  We want you to understand the difference between the two styles of mounting so you can make an informed decision for your business. Don’t worry though, if it is too much to process, we will come to your business and assess your unique situation to help you make the best decision free of charge.

Custom fonts and logos are no problem. Highway Man Signs, LLC Channel letter signs can be made into almost any shape! The limits are virtually non-existent. As long as the LED modules can fit inside the return, we can provide you with just about anything. What about colors? There are several different ways to create your sign. The face of the letters can be made out of certain colors of acrylic, or if the color you like isn’t available, a high quality translucent vinyl can be placed over a white or clear face to get the desired color. Still can’t find what you want?

We can digitally print your logo, laminated with a UV resistant overlaminate, and install it on a white or Clear face. Colors to choose from are essentially unlimited with a channel letter sign from Highway Man Signs, LLC! There are multiple colors of acrylic to choose from. Available acrylic colors include: two different Whites, Blue, two different Reds, Green, Orange, Clear, Ivory, and Yellow. Available Trim colors include: White, Ivory, Yellow, Orange, Black, Blue, Intense Blue, Teal, Solid Green, Hunter Green, Red, Burgundy, Bronze 313 Metallic, Brushed Chrome, Metallic Silver, Purple, Brown, Chrome Mirror, Gold Mirror, Bronze Metallic. Return Colors Include: White, Black, Red, Blue, Brushed aluminum, Ivory, Yellow, Brown, Burgundy, Brilliant Gold, Solid Green, Hunter Green, Teal, Brick, Purple, Bronze, Orange, Chevron Blue. LED colors Available: White, Orange, Green, Blue, Red. Raceways can be painted any paint code color you choose to match your building.

Like we said before, these colors will not limit us to reach your desired look. We can print all the colors of the rainbow if the color you want isn’t obtainable. Don’t hesitate to ask for more information regarding this. Channel letter signs are simply the nicest looking option when it comes to signage. Nothing looks as good as a channel letter sign from Highway Man Signs, LLC. Call us today and let us help you design a beautiful sign that you can be proud of and draw customers into your business, school, or church. If you just want to give a facelift to your building that blows people away, and let’s your customers know that you are the people to count on, choose a channel letter sign from Highway Man Signs, LLC.

What else can I say? Channel letters are the premier choice when it comes to professional, no nonsense, signage for your place of business, church or school. Call now,  visit us at either of our shops, or shoot us an email and we will schedule a free site survey to scope out your place of business to see what will work for you so we can offer you options. Once we determine your situation, we will send you a quote and layout soon afterwards. Highway Man Signs, LLC wants to begin your new, professional channel letter sign today.