Banners, from the Tulsa Sign Company you can trust are a quick and easy way to advertise absolutely anything! They’re relatively low cost and they’re very low maintenance, which makes them a very popular signage option. The list could go on and on, but some of the things that we regularly use banners for are: coming soon banners, livestock show banners, now open banners, welcome home banners, business advertisement banners, and sponsorship banners. Unlike our competitors, we base our pricing off of square footage rather than the amount of colors or objects seen on the banner. This really makes the experience for shopping for banners easy and hassle free with Highway Man Signs, LLC. Pricing will include any and all colors of your liking, any and all words, and logos. Our graphic designers can make the banner as simple or elaborate as you wish. Banners can be extremely fun to design, so if you want to leave it in our hands, I’m sure our designers will design something you will love. Through communication, we will get your message across fully, and make a visually pleasing sign that nobody can take their eyes from. Highway Man Signs, LLC as the leading Tulsa Sign Company offers single sided banners and double sided banners too! Grommets will be punched free of charge for simple hanging. Need more grommets from your Tulsa Sign Company, than the standard banner?? We will be more than happy to add a few extra to your banner, FREE of charge! We even offer bungee cords for an additional charge for installation, just be sure to inquire. Bungee cords are highly recommended over rope. More often than not, banners are being hung outside. And what does the outside have? Elements, most notably, wind! Wind can be a banners worst nightmare, however, our experience has taught us that banners withstand the environment better if they are secured with bungees. They will allow the give needed for the banner to tolerate the wind. Banners that are well taken care of can be used time and time again! And who doesn’t want to use what they have to save a little money here and there?

Our banners come in two different thicknesses, 13 Oz and 18 Oz. Our 13 Oz banner material is the standard thickness that is used for banners and is perfect for banner signage that you may use once or occasionally. The more you take care of this material, the longer it will last for you. Our 18 Oz banner material is much thicker than 13 oz, and much more durable to the outdoor elements. If you will be hanging a banner for an extended period of time, we recommend this material. The best thing to do is to inform any of our team members of what you intend for your banner signage, and we will be more than capable as a Tulsa Sign Company of helping you make a well informed decision for yourself or your business.

We also offer a few different sizes, 24″, 36″, 48″, 54″, and 60″. We can definitely go bigger! We will hem together two different banners to make it larger, so there will be a visible seam. We always do anything and everything we can to match up the graphics so the banner is put together as seamlessly as possible! We haven’t run across a situation yet where it hasn’t looked great. Just because the height of the banner is limited to these sizes, the width isn’t limited at all. You can do a banner that’s 4′ wide or a banner that’s 100′ wide. Whatever you and your business needs, we are here to help you fulfill that.

The great thing about banners is they are easy to hang and store for when they’re not in use. Just please be sure to roll them up, we definitely do not recommend folding. Store your banner in a safe, temperature controlled area.

If you have a banner that you’d like to reuse, but there’s a date that is incorrect because you used it the year prior, Highway Man Signs, LLC can help you create a patch to put on the banner in place of the old date. Heck, we’ll even install the patch. It’s cheaper than buying a brand new banner, and just as effective. There are circumstances where we do not recommend patches. Some of these circumstances are: if the patch will be more expensive than purchasing a brand new banner, if the banner is too worn for a new patch, or if the patch is too big and will not be appealing. We will always suggest to you the best solution, but the team at Highway Man Signs, LLC will ultimately do whatever you, the customer, insists upon.

Collapsible banner stands are great for business conventions or trade shows. They display what you’re trying to offer or sale in an elegant way. The set up is easy and tear down is even easier. Fantastic thing about collapsible banner stands is they are also reusable. If you have several different trade shows or conventions you’re going to through the year, these are great items to take with you wherever you go.

Collapsible banner stands aren’t the only option for trade shows and conventions though. No sir! There’s also table banners available for your convenience. Drape it over your trade show table and let it help do some of your work!

Need help hanging your banner? Highway Man Signs, LLC, your favorite Tulsa Sign Company will be more than happy to help you get your banner hung! We will just need to know where and all you will need to know is when. Contact us and we will be more than happy to fit you into our schedule.

Don’t forget, we are here to help you. We implore you to utilize us to the fullest extent to empower you to make all the decisions you need for your signage needs, big or small. Whether it’s one or a hundred banners, as a Tulsa Sign Company, Highway Man Signs, LLC will take your order to heart as much as the other orders.we value you and want your experience with Highway Man Signs, LLC to be a pleasant and easy one.