Decals are also popularly known as stickers, and I do not know a person that doesn’t love a good sticker from their favorite Tulsa Sign Company! They are versatile, collectible, spread awareness for a cause, advertise businesses, label supplies, support schools, churches, charities, and teams, and they’re super cool looking! What’s not to love really? At Highway Man Signs, LLC your childhood dream of playing with stickers all day comes true.  Yes…employees have actually said that when working at the best Tulsa Sign Company.

The only difference between us and a child is that we are professionals when it comes to decals and their installation. Not only will we design the decal for you, print the decal, cut and do all the prep work for your decal, but we will professionally install your decal. Just keep in mind, vinyl will not stick to all surfaces, as I am sure you are aware of based on childhood experimentation, or maybe you too are a Tulsa Sign Company. The best advice we can give you is to contact Highway Man Signs, LLC and talk with one of our incredible team members and they can advise you if the decal will actually stick or not. Most cases, it will! If there is any question as to whether or not the decal will stick, we will come to you to see which material sticks best, or you can come to either of our two locations. We will troubleshoot on the spot to see if our vinyl will stick to your object. Do you want to release your inner child and install the decal yourself? We applaud that mentality! We will be more than happy to give you advice on installing your new decal depending on the material it will be installed onto and how your particular decal is made.

Decals can come in many different shapes, colors and sizes. You can order one little decal, or you can order thousands. Whatever you need, we aim to provide. We are capable of creating  literally any geometrical shape you can imagine as well as specialty cut out decals. We apply release tape to decals that require a little added security when application takes place. This will be ideal, especially if you decide to take the reins and install the decal yourself! If you will be installing your decal, we will offer professional guidance so you do not have to return for another decal just because a mistake was made.

When we say decals can come in many different colors, we are not kidding. As a Tulsa Sign Company, we see it all! We can print your decal to match whatever it is you need, or we have a huge assortment of single colors we can offer to get the perfect color. The color range is infinite, and only limited by your imagination. When we print your decals, we will also laminate them to ensure longevity from the sun or other elements it may be exposed to. However, when you order single color vinyl, no lamination is required. Decals that are not printed typically last much longer, just because the color is already there, inside the vinyl. Granted, over a 5-7 year time span, sometimes as long as 10 years, aging will happen to all the decals, but with how inexpensive our decals are, replacing them will not break the bank. 

We have vinyls that stick and hold very well, but we also carry removable vinyl for those situations when you do not want a permanent decal. Also, keep in mind, no vinyl decal is permanent! You can leave any vinyl decal on for as long as you want, or as short of a time you want. All decals can be removed with a little heat and elbow grease. Great news! Highway Man Signs, LLC also provides the removal service for its customers, so we will be happy to help you as the top Tulsa Sign Company!

Have a “crazy” idea for a company logo you want to turn into a sticker? We will work with you to make it come true. Draw something out or come by and describe your “wild” idea, and we will come up with a rendering that is what you desire. We will work with you through email and phone calls to nail the perfect logo for your stickers, and we will do so until it is right.

Want your company’s name on your truck, car, van or SUV? Highway Man Signs, LLC is the perfect place to be. First, we will take pictures and measurements of your vehicle. Then we will create a rendering of your logo fit on your vehicle to look as if the job had already been completed. Now we need your approval. It’s as easy as that! All that we have to do next is schedule an installation date for our installation technicians to install your custom made decal!

Promoting your business at a convention? Or maybe you want to send out a sticker with each order you mail out? Possibly you want customers to advertise your business by putting your sticker on their vehicles? We can easily take that desire and turn it into a reality for you and your business. You only need to contact us, and you will be one huge step closer to making that happen.

Now, there are moments in life that can really bring you down, but there are no worse times than when you lose a dearly loved one. The craving to memorialize that loved one sets in and we want you to know we are here for you during that time. Highway Man Signs, LLC will work diligently with you to create a perfect memorial sticker for your loved one. It can be as bold as you wish or as simple as you wish. But one thing is for sure, we promise it will always be tasteful. And we will always send approval renderings to ensure dates are correct and names are spelled correctly. The last thing we want to do is offend anyone, so the approval process is even more important in these situations than any other. 

Big or small, singular or thousands, for a child or a child at heart, yourself or your business, we promise, Highway Man Signs, LLC will deliver you your perfect “sticker”. Contact us today and we will get started for your Tulsa Sign Company project today!