LED Displays

LED Displays


LED Displays from Highway Man Signs, LLC are the newest and best type of signage to really bring your business, church, or school to life and into the 21st century. No more will you have to go out and change the letters on a changeable letter sign. Now you can change the message on your LED Display from your computer or phone! Our Displays are made right here in the United States of America. We do not use Chinese made products when it comes to electronic displays. Every LED Display comes with a 5 year parts warranty; and 5 year labor warranties are available for purchase for your peace of mind. You can trust the Tulsa Sign Company with the reviews that back what we say. Made with the latest and greatest in technology, our LED displays come with the highest resolution in the industry, that’s one reason we are the favorite Tulsa Sign Company of so many. Now available in 9mm, 6mm and even 4mm! Now you may not understand what that means. The resolution of an LED Display from Highway Man Signs,LLC is measured by how many millimeters are between each diode. The smaller the space (or number) the higher the resolution. Our displays come in 12”x24” panels and can be put together in any configuration. You can even stream live video! The applications are endless.

Are your customers missing your building? Do people pass by your place of business without noticing it? Does your school need a message board for sporting events and upcoming events? Would your church like to get the word out about a special speaker coming to town? Does your local community center need to put important information out front for the community? Call the Tulsa Sign Company with experience. Now you can communicate all this and more. Whatever you want to put on your display you can. Full color LED Displays from Highway Man Signs, LLC have every option imaginable. All our LED displays are Full color, Video capable, remotely controlled, and have fanless construction. The more you use your display the more it works for you! Get your message out there for your customers to see. You can advertise sales, or special events. Show your pride for your local team on your display. Spread holiday cheer and wish everyone a merry christmas. Stream your sermon from your local church on your display for people in the parking lot! If you are looking to make a statement in your community this is the best way to do it! Remotely controlled means you can change what’s on your LED display from Highway Man Signs, LLC from anywhere you have internet access. That means if you wanted to, you could update the slides on your LED Display from the beach even when you are on vacation! I’m not sure you want to be thinking about your LED display while you’re on vacation, but hey, I won’t judge. The content you can display on your LED sign from Highway Man Signs, LLC, the leader amongst all other Tulsa Sign Company and installers is nearly infinite. Did I mention the software is cloud based? That means no special computer needed! As long as you have internet access, you can login to your LED Display anytime, anywhere. And, No subscription costs! Every LED display comes with the free software to run ones displays.

The ability to run multiple displays at the same time is also available. You can also display Time and temperature on your LED Sign. Become a Landmark in your community by installing a new LED Display from Highway Man Signs, LLC today! Our certified installation staff are ready to help you with any questions you have. We are trained to troubleshoot any problem that may arise on your LED Display, so you can sleep well knowing that anything comes up we will be able to handle it and get your LED Display back up and running should any problem arise. Maybe you want to install your own LED Display. You can totally do that! The simple construction is so easy to understand with our Tulsa Sign Company, almost anyone can do it! The 12”x24” panels snap right into the included aluminum frame. Once the panels are installed, the cables are plug and play and only plug in one way, so nothing to worry about there. Once all the panels are plugged in, in series, they are ready to plug into the controller. Once the controller is plugged in and ready to go, it is ready to hook to power. Please only use trained electrical personnel to hook to either 120V or 240 V (depending on size of display). Once your LED Display has been installed, a quick phone call to the manufacturer’s tech support will get your new sign up and running. Free training is included with every sign from the manufacturer. Once you are trained to use your display, the only limit is your imagination! Keep everyone that drives by your property, business, church, school, city hall, community center, gas station, restaurant, cannabis store, or whatever building or lot you have, updated on the message you want to communicate!

Let people know of a new service or product that you sell on your new LED display from Highway Man Signs, LLC. Schedule slides in advance with the calendar feature. The brightness can even be adjusted on your new LED display from Highway Man Signs, LLC. Announce your favorite Tulsa Sign Company graduates on your LED display at your school. Warn people to be safe during bad weather on your LED display. Congratulate someone on their birthday! Congratulate that new couple in front of your wedding venue. See an increase in traffic to your business from 15-115% on average! What are you waiting for? Now is the time to buy. Financing options are available and affordable! Outpace the competition with a new LED display from Highway Man Signs, LLC.

With the available resolutions of 9mm, 6mm, and 4mm you can be sure your LED display will look great for years to come! Still not sure? Schedule a free demo today! We will bring out a complete working model, mounted to a truck with the ability to show you what the sign will look like up to 20 feet in the air. LED Displays from Highway Man Signs, LLC are simply the best, the newest, and most creative way to get your message out there for your potential customers, while working with a Tulsa Sign Company.