Metal Signs

Metal Signs

Metal signs, with your favorite Tulsa Sign Company,  are one of the most effective ways to mark an important notice, place, or honestly, whatever you want! You can not go anywhere without seeing a metal sign of some sort. Anywhere from parking signs, safety signs, hazard signs, notice to customer signs, signs along the highway and street, such as highway construction and road closure signs, posted speed limits, they are widely diverse and get the point across. You can literally put them almost anywhere with the expectation that they will be seen. Our favorite to date is a metal cat clock we made, that is now displayed in a local pizzeria. So when we say you can use a metal sign for whatever you want, we really mean just that! Do you want a metal sign with LED lighting that makes your signage pop? Highway Man Signs, LLC can fabricate that for you. Our team can design, fabricate your metal signs, and install them for you too. Whether it be a large building sign on your store front, or a simple wall sign, our team is highly trained and skilled to make sure the product you receive is what you ordered. What is even more convenient about metal signs is that if you ever need to update them, whether it be a simple update of text, or a full redesign of the face of your sign, that can be done rather simply and quickly! A consultation with your top Tulsa Sign Company is required however, so we can be sure it will be worth your while to reuse the material you’ve got, or if it will be cheaper to get a brand new sign. Our team uses a high quality printable, applicable vinyl that strongly adheres to the metal sign, created by the Tulsa Sign Company with the quality to back what we say. Our vinyl can endure rough weather, and with lamination, sunlight exposure. Colors available are unlimited when it comes to printing. We always only charge by the square footage. Colors, words, and graphics do not affect the price, only size can do that.

Reflective vinyl is often used on metal signage so it’s easily read at night time. We offer reflective vinyl as well! Just be sure to let us know you’d like to price it out over standard vinyl since reflective vinyl is a specialty vinyl. Reflective vinyl comes in a few different color options, blue, green, white, orange, yellow, red, and black. If you need your reflective vinyl to be multiple colors, and none of which were just listed, we can print whatever it is on the white reflective vinyl to give you your desired look.

We have 3 different kinds of metal options, as a Tulsa Sign Company, we get it. The first one and our most popular is a material called Alupanel. Highway Man Signs, LLC loves using Alupanel. It is a composite metal aluminum. It consists of two aluminum sheets with PVC sandwiched between them. It’s lighter than standard aluminum, yet has the same strength and reliability qualities aluminum has. We nearly use Alupanel for all non lit signage because it’s effective and as reliable as it is. It is the material we will use in can signs that don’t need to be back lit, it’ll be used for signs that are getting installed on buildings without lighting components, it is perfect for framed signs, and it’s useful for lots of interior signage. These are just the basic examples too! There’s so much more Alupanel can do. If you have a custom shaped logo from your favorite Tulsa Sign Company, we will install your logo onto Alupanel and cut out the custom shaped logo with our jigsaw. It’s crisp and clean, and looks great, we guarantee it. Our Alupanel sheets can come in sizes of 4×8, 4×10, and 5×10. We can either cut down the metal to make a smaller sign, or piece together several 4×8’s to make a sign that’s 8×16.

The second option is a material that is called Lusterboard. This stuff is thick, strong, and heavy. Anything that Alupanel cannot do, it’s cousin Lusterboard will take charge. It is also a composite material that consists of ½” thick marine grade wood that is sandwiched in between two sheets of aluminum. Same kind of idea as Alupanel, just a different core. Anything that Alupanel will be too thin for, or something that is freestanding, and could get ripped out of the frame with a little too heavy of a wind, Lusterboard can keep it safe. Alupanel can be slightly bendable, but Lusterboard isn’t moving for anybody. It’s like the strong headed, rebel cousin of the sign world. Our Lusterboard sheets come in the size of 4×8.

Lastly, there is standard Aluminum. We do not typically use Aluminum for large Tulsa Sign Company signage, but we use it all the time for all kinds of smaller signage. Aluminum is what we will use for parking signs, traffic signage, “Notice” signs, oil well signage, inserts for realtor frames, and realtor riders. We use two different thicknesses, .040 and .080. The thickness difference is .040 is lighter and is flimsier, and .080 is thick and strong. We tend to use .040 when the material is going to be secured with a frame or is being bolted on a wall, so there’s not a chance of it bending or being wrapped around a pole. The .080 Aluminum is what we will use to stand alone traffic signage and pole signage since there’s not really a chance of wind blowing so hard to wrap it around the pole or ripping it off its home base. The most popular sizes are 12×18, 18×24, 2×3, and 3×4. However, Aluminum comes in many different sizes, and we aren’t afraid to shear a sheet down to make you a special size.

There are a lot of factors that help us consider which Aluminum or Aluminum composite material that needs to be used in every situation. The best bet to ensure you get the right material for your needs is to contact Highway Man Signs, LLC, your leading Tulsa Sign Company, and we will ask all the right questions in order to determine the best fit for you. Call us, visit us, or email us! If necessary, we will come to your location to meet with you and discuss your expectations. From there we can gauge the best material for the desired outcome.