Vehicle Signage

Vehicle Signage

Looking for auto wraps from a Tulsa Sign Company? Auto wraps are perfect for your business to get noticed, but maybe an auto wrap isn’t quite in your budget. No need to worry, Highway Man Signs, LLC can still adorn your vehicle with your business logo, on the doors, windows, back windshield, or anywhere else you would like to advertise. We always suggest using your vehicle as a “Moving Billboard” for your business. It is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise, and we truly can vouch for the efficacy. You can choose to be as subtle as having a small door decal with the name of your business in black or white lettering installed, or get as wild as to do a large hood decal with your logo, clearfocus on the back windshield, AND your logo on both your truck doors (I would even suggest listing out some services or your phone number in large print on your bed). Now, what I just described is obviously a truck, with “truck doors” and “bed” and all, but keep in mind we can do this to ANY and ALL vehicles! Transits, mini vans, cars, trailers, SUV’s, boats, ATV’s, motorcycles, bikes, anything!! One big thing to remember is if you have vinyl installed on windows, you do not want to roll the windows up and down often. We tend to discourage this, seeing as to how the friction will work to start causing issues with the vinyl to continue to stick properly. That goes for windshield wipers too. That’s why you call a Tulsa Sign Company.

I mentioned Clearfocus previously. It is a fabulous material that we print whatever you want on it and install it on your vehicle’s windows. You are probably wondering what makes it so fabulous. If you are inside your vehicle, you can view out of the window, but it is difficult for someone to view inside. Clearfocus, just like vinyl, will have issues sticking if the windows are rolled up or down too much, or if windshield wipers are used often. Highway Man Signs, LLC will generally suggest only putting clearfocus products on windows that do not roll up and down, or back windshields. Assuming you have a back windshield wiper, keep the usage minimal.

Just because you can not budget in a full wrap does not mean we cannot make your vehicle work for you. Creativity is our game, and we will work with you and your business to reach your desired look, and stay within your budget too! Colors, sizes, and shapes are unlimited. If you can think it up, we can make it happen as the creative Tulsa Sign Company, even if we have to have several communications throughout the process. The great thing about Highway Man Signs, LLC’s graphic design? It is completely and totally free with your order! That’s right! You don’t have to pay a graphic designer to build a logo or brand for your business, we will do it for free. So why not get the graphic design service and the vehicle decal installation service done at the same place? Our knowledgeable team will work with you to create the perfect look for you and your business.

I know I am mostly trudging on about businesses reaping the benefits from vehicle signage from a Tulsa Sign Company, but sometimes the folks who do not own a business would like to liven up their vehicles. Not all vehicle signage needs to be for advertising, am I right? If you are tired of looking at a plain white car, we have solutions. Highway Man Signs, LLC will work with you to make something unique to your style. We could make your white car look like a white cat with whiskers. Maybe put some really cool pinstripes down the side of your truck, show off your family with little stick figures on the back window of your mini van, memorialize a loved one anywhere on your vehicle, or add a brow to the front windshield that says “Daddy’s Girl”. All kinds of things are possible, and Highway Man Signs, LLC is here to help. Cool thing is, we will make sure whatever we are installing on your vehicle meets all the codes and guidelines of our local government.

Highway Man Signs, LLC also does a lot of decals for racecars. So you racers out there can give us a call and we will hook you up. We’re the go to Tulsa Sign Company for you too!

Classic car enthusiasts, we know you are there. We’ve done plenty of work on classic cars, and we do not plan on stopping anytime soon. We all love getting really cool cars brought to the shop. It is fun to see a classic and so much more fun to work on one!

We could either print your vehicle signage or cut it out of colored vinyl, depending on what rendering you have approved with the graphic designer. If you are doing multiple colors, we will print it with our UV ink printer. This printer will create a beautiful decal that is ready to install onto your vehicle. Once it has printed, we will laminate it for a little extra duration. The sun and elements will be the roughest on your decals, and this is an extra measure we take to ensure the longevity. These decals can last anywhere from. 3 to 5 years and sometimes longer. If we were to do a single color or a design that has limited colors, we would cut it from colored vinyl. This material does not require lamination, and generally the color will outlast the printed version by a year or two. Either way we go, you will be getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Contact Highway Man Signs, LLC today when you need a Tulsa Sign Company the most, and we will set up a time to take pictures and measurements of your vehicle so we can get started on your vehicle signage! Once you love the rendering our fantastic design team has offered you, we will get you scheduled to have your one-of-a-kind vehicle signage installed. Just remember, the longer you wait to call us, the longer you have gone without advertising your business with your vehicle, or the longer you have gone without showing the rest of the world your unique style.