Yard Signs

Yard Signs

Need a Tulsa Sign Company? Yard signs are always in such high demand for only one reason, they work! They will make an impression on anyone who drives by or walks by. They can be used in so many different ways: displaying your company name while your roofing or re-roofing a home, painting a house, building a new home, selling a home, renting out a home, or directional signage for parties, get togethers, 5k runs, garage sales, maybe some political signage, also they can be used to support schools, churches, organizations, or individuals. These are incredibly handy signs to have. Highway Man Signs, LLC, a Tulsa Sign Company, understands when you need something done, you don’t want to dilly dally, and like us, you’re a busy person that needs to get noticed quickly. If you need something that you can display around town that is efficient, cost effective, and fast to install, this is the option that we will provide you. Highway Man Signs, LLC plastic corrugated yard signs are sold by the square footage, so there are no limitations as to what you can put on your yard signs. All colors, all words, all backgrounds are available for the same great price. We would print your order with our brand new flatbed printer that uses UV ink for durability and longevity! It spits a 4X8 sheet of material out in 7 minutes! We LOVE this machine! But that also means we will get your order to you lightning fast. You won’t believe your ears when you get the call to pick up your order!

If you’re in the food business or gym business, we can use the same material used for yard signs, corrugated plastic, to create signs for professional sign spinners to use! Those dancing machines will be able to use all their dexterity to spin and dance with these lightweight signs and get your message across. If you have a beginner (we all start somewhere) they won’t cause too much damage if the signs dropped, and if it’s destroyed over time, they are priced reasonably so you won’t be out a fortune to get your message back out to people driving by your sign spinner from your favorite Tulsa Sign Company.

Highway Man Signs, LLC, the leading Tulsa Sign Company uses H-frame yard stakes for our plastic corrugated yard signs, and they will be included in your order for easy yard sign installation. Just slide one end of the stake into the grooves of the sign and pop the other end in the dirt. The stakes are included in the price, so there will be no upcharge if you need some. However, if you do not need the stakes because you either have some already, or will not be putting these signs in the ground, we will discount your order equal to the price of the stakes! You’re very welcome!

Keep in mind, plastic corrugated yard signs are a temporary sign product, which means the signs are not made to last forever. They last quite some time, but longevity truly depends on how harsh the elements are where your sign is placed in its new environment. Highway Man Signs, LLC has a trained team to help you gauge if these signs will be the best solution for your needs or if you need something that will be more durable, such as a realtor frame with a metal face. These corrugated plastic signs typically don’t work too well in a rural area, and the elements can do a number on them if left outside unprotected over an extended period of time. We at Highway Man Signs, LLC believe in full transparency and know this is something that needs to be taken into consideration when ordering. Our suggestion is for you to tell us exactly how you intend to use your new signage and we will be completely honest if this is the correct solution.

Can we cut the corrugated plastic into shapes? Yes, we sure can. Highway Man Signs, LLC will charge a small fee to cut out specialty shapes, such as a cut out of Muhammed Ali, Bruce Lee, Chuck Morris, Wonder Woman, Spider Man, or Batman. You can use these cutouts in a museum or possibly you are redecorating your childs room to their new favorite thing! We are also capable of cutting out individual lettering, like “Happy 55th Birthday”.We ask our customers to keep in mind that all of our signage, including the plastic corrugated yard signs, are all hand made and cut by hand, they are not factory cut, so there may be minor imperfections. All that means is Highway Man Signs, LLC, the best Tulsa Sign Company, plastic corrugated yard signs will be perfectly imperfect.

On the other hand, straight line shapes like a square, rectangle, triangle, pentagon, octagon, starbursts or even a circle Highway Man Signs, LLC will not upcharge for cutting down. Yard signs from Highway Man Signs are the greatest way to spread the word for your church, business, or school in the most inexpensive way possible. How about a yard sign for every one of the members of your church to get the word out for Easter or just to spread some hope in your community? Sell yard signs to raise money for your high school football, softball, baseball, tennis, basketball, band, swim team or cheerleading squad! Have a service that you need to get the word out for? Use Yard signs to blanket the entire community. Running for office? Yard Signs from Highway Man Signs are a proven method of winning your race or helping whatever candidate you support! Need to sell that home, or plot of land? Yard Signs from Highway Man Signs can do the trick! Wind can blow these down, good thing they are so affordable! And best of all no minimum order! Whether you need 1 or 1000, Highway Man Signs can handle your order! Need to spread awareness during a crisis? Highway Man Yard Signs can be made quickly and efficiently to get the word out quick! These easy to put up yard signs from Highway Man Signs, the Tulsa Sign Company there when you need us, could be just what you need to take your business, church, or school to the next level. Did I mention they come in any color? At no extra charge you can have one color, two color, three color, or full color signage ready as soon as you approve your layout, which is also included for FREE.  If your customers, potential clients, or members don’t know about your services, how can you help them? Get the word out today! Order Yard Signs from Highway Man Signs, LLC! Call, visit, or email Highway Man Signs, LLC today, and we will help you spread awareness with your new yard signs!