Lighted Signage

Highway Man Signs, LLC can truly say that lighted signage is a proven and reliable way to advertise for your business! These signs are durable, affordable and get you noticed. Lighted signs are great for your business even if you’re not open at night. Your customers, and potential clients don’t stop driving by your business just because you’re not open.

Shouldn’t they be thinking about you every time they drive by? We think they should. Lighted Signs from Highway Man Signs look great almost anywhere! They can even go inside!  These versatile signs can be made in any size and placed anywhere you need them to be. Highway Man Signs can install these on your building, or on a pole by the road. Lighted signs from Highway Man Signs are made from durable aluminum and have an attractive milled aluminum appearance, so you never have to worry about painting them or worry about rust.

Here at Highway Man Signs we believe it is important to educate our customers about all signage options so you can make an informed decision. So here is a little information on the major components of lighted signs. There are three major components to the average lighted sign. The outermost part of the sign, around the perimeter, is called a sign can. A sign can make up the outer framework of the sign and has trim around the outside called retainers. These retainers hold the sign face in the sign can. The sign face is the front part of the lighted sign, which is where the graphics are installed.

The graphics of the lighted sign are made from durable long lasting translucent vinyl. Translucent vinyl is a must when it comes to lighted signs. The light has to be able to freely shine through the vinyl to show the best color at night. There are several colors to choose from but they are not limitless. That’s where printable translucent vinyl comes in. We can print on white, printable, translucent vinyl to give you many, many more options for your lighted sign.

Printed graphics are not as vibrant at night due to the nature of backlighting the inks, but don’t worry, they still look great! Lighted sign faces also come in three different materials. Polycarbonate or Lexan faces are the most durable. Shatter resistant, lexan faces can take a beating. Literally! We can take a hammer to lexan and it will not break! Now, they aren’t indestructible but they are very durable. Lexan faces are also flat, the second style of lighted sign face from Highway Man Signs is called a pan face or extruded face. This style of face has a lip around the edge of the face, with the main area where the graphics go, extrudes out to get the face farther away from the light source.

These are made for shallow sign cans. These are generally for older signs, but can also be used for large faces to provide strength to the face to help against sagging. Lexan faces can become extremely heavy at large sizes and can sag, pan faces can help remedy this problem. Pan faces can also be made to have raised letters and logos with vibrant painted colors. The third available face material is often referred to as flex faces. These flexible style faces are similar to a banner in that they are a vinyl material that can be rolled up and then stretched across the sign can. These flex faces are designed for extremely large sign cans so they can be easily installed and transported. Flex faces from Highway Man Signs are installed two different ways. Some sign cans can be specially designed for flex faces and include special clamps that help stretch the sign can and keep the face stretched flat. These can also be retrofitted onto a standard sign can designed for a flat lexan face by simply using self tapping screws and screwing it around the outside of the sign can. Not designed for a flex face but  easier and  simpler to install.

 The third component to a lighted sign from Highway Man Signs is of course the lighting! Lighted signs come in either traditional fluorescent lighting or new LED lighting. Fluorescent lighting is similar to fluorescent bulbs in your office or home, though these bulbs are labeled High Output or HO  to be used in outside weather applications such as signs. Unfortunately fluorescent lighting has always had one major flaw, longevity. Fluorescent bulbs can be finicky and last several years or go out in a few months depending on the weather.

LED lighting has now solved that problem. LED lighting is brighter, lasts longer and is more energy efficient. LED lighting is more expensive than fluorescent but can save you money over time with a lower electric bill! Also it will save you in maintenance costs since the lighting lasts longer and is less affected by changes in the weather. Lighted signs from Highway Man Signs are simply one of the greatest signage options around. Whether it’s for your business, office, church, or school, these lighted signs are always a classy option. Have a lighted sign already but need new faces? Highway Man Signs can handle that! Need maintenance to your existing sign? Highway Man Signs can handle that too! Tired of having to pay to have your fluorescent bulbs changed on a regular basis? Highway Man Signs can convert your old fluorescent sign to LED lighting, easily and affordably. Check with your local power utility provider and see how switching to LED can save you money on your electric bill.

We at Highway Man Signs are no stranger to lighted signs in their many forms. We love a brightly lit lighted sign! Call Highway Man Signs for all your lighted sign needs and let us prove it to you! Did I mention that your design is FREE with your order? That’s right! We will design your logo for your new lighted sign. Contact Highway Man Signs for your free estimate, and free design today!