Magnets are perfect for every single business! They are a way of advertising without having permanent signage installed. They could also be used for business cards or used as a memento for people to remember you by. 

People keep magnets! That means, you will consistently be in their house without being a creepy intruder. But, if they need your services, they will remember your name on their refrigerator and give you a call. Not only that, friends and family members will see you on the refrigerator too! Double exposure!

Our magnets are popular options for schools to spread information. They are used for class schedules, sporting event schedules, extra curricular activity schedules, etc. They are even used for pictures of the kiddos. Everyone uses the refrigerator multiple times a day, and it’s a perfect place to put the important reminders. 

Highway Man Signs, LLC can even turn a magnet into a reusable stencil. This will not always work in every situation, but we sure will try. The worst that could happen is we tell you it doesn’t work. So don’t be afraid of bringing up your DIY project to us to see if we can help out in any way. We love challenges, it may be the one we have been looking for. 

Perhaps you do not want to put vinyl lettering on your vehicle and you do not want to wrap it either. No worries! You still need to advertise for your business and not solely rely on word of mouth to spread your name around. Don’t get me wrong, word of mouth is magical and it works wonders, however, if you put your name on your vehicle, your business gets more exposure, and a magnet is a non-permanent solution for that. Slap it on a clean surface of your vehicle during your work week, take it off over the weekend so you are not burdened by people asking you questions (though I do hope you would not turn away business potential). Ready to go back to work? Pop those magnets back on before getting in the truck to go. It’s healthy for your magnets to be removed from your vehicle periodically, so please do so when you are able to. It’ll be good for the vehicle and the magnets too.

Highway Man Signs, LLC’s vehicle grade Magnet material comes in 24″ wide rolls. But that will most certainly not limit us. As long as you are okay with a seam, we can make that magnet as big as it needs to be. Typically, the standard size for a set of magnets will be 12×24″. We can always go smaller, and are always okay with going bigger! Our magnets are generally square or rectangular, but there have been multiple times we’ve done round ones or custom shapes. 

Magnets will not stick to aluminum bodied vehicles, so keep that in mind before ordering these! Not sure what your car is made of? Don’t sweat it, just come visit us at either of our two locations and we will be able to tell by the make or model of your vehicle, or, we will walk out to your vehicle and test our magnet material on your vehicle to see if it will stick. 

Always, always, always apply magnets to clean surfaces! You don’t want to put vinyl on a dirty vehicle, right? Because it will not stick. It is absolutely the same case for magnets. Best way to prepare your vehicle every time you are applying your magnet is to wipe down the site of installation with a mild detergent or Windex. Use a clean rag or paper towel to gently clean the area of dirt and debris. Be sure to also clean the magnetic side of the signage to ensure proper adhesion and damage to the paint of the car will be avoided. Then let the air do its job and let it air dry completely. Not a lot of work to ensure your magnet does not come off when you’re going 70 mph down the highway, huh? And, cleaning it properly will keep your paint job healthy. Highway Man Signs, LLC will round the corners of all rectangular or square magnets that are going on vehicles to ensure they will not fly off. Corners have a habit of raising, so if you get rid of them, you cut out a huge possibility of the wind working its way up underneath a corner. When it comes to unusual shapes, we will inform you of how it will be best to ensure the best adhesion to your vehicle.

When your magnet set is not in use, be sure to keep them stored in a temperature controlled area. Most importantly though, be sure they are stored flat! Rolling them up or bending them in half will either cause damage or make it a pain to get it to adhere to your vehicle’s surface securely. Experts have made lots of mistakes to become experts, and this is one thing we’ve learned from experience.

Highway Man Signs, LLC’s magnets are printed with a UV curing printer, which has longer lasting inks against the sun. We want to ensure our product lasts as long as it can. Anything you pay for to use in your business or to help represent your business, is an investment into your business. Signage is not an exception, and we strive to keep it that way.

All graphic designs are included for FREE with your order! So, if you do not have a logo ready to put on your new vehicle magnet, or you have no idea what to put on your refrigerator magnet, our team welcomes you to visit with us. Together we can determine what it is you envision. Even if you do not have a direct vision, we can work to get what you need.

Contact us today, by phone, email, or simply pop into one of our two locations. Let’s get started on your magnet project today!