Non Lighted Signage

Non Lighted Signage

Lighted Signs are great for getting your customers attention day and night, but sometimes, lighted signs are not in the cards; whether it is a budget issue, city ordinances will not allow them, or it doesn’t fit the aesthetic of your business. There is no need to worry, Highway Man Signs, LLC can still help you out. Your business can still thrive if we do a non-lighted sign option!

Most of the time, when people refer to lighted signage, they are referring to signage that is internally lit. But keep in mind, if it is something you wish, and the city will allow it, we can even give you options for externally lit signage. One of the most popular options are gooseneck lamps, and you could even do some spotlight lighting. But always check with the city authorities first!

Framed signs, metal signage, acrylic or metal lettering, and custom shaped logos are all things that Highway Man Signs, LLC is proficient in. We custom build all frames that are not realtor frames and install them too.

Framed Signs can be installed on your building or installed on your property somewhere your customers can see your name. They come in all kindness of shapes and sizes, and we will happily work with you to make it unique to your style. Depending on your style, we will complete your frame by painting it or finishing it to match your style. Colors are limited only by your imagination and you can put any and all letting and graphics on them. If you want the framed sign to be installed on the building and want it to protrude from the building a little more than a couple of inches, we can always use an aluminum frame with 7-10 inches that protrudes from the building. And yes, we definitely do the old fashioned swinging signs too! Don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions or guidance for your signage. Highway Man Signs, LLC has a team of professionals to help you make the best decision for you and your business.

Metal signage is typically a flat surface sign face made of either aluminum & pvc composite, aluminum & marine grade wood composite, or straight up aluminum. We can use these materials to create any shaped signage you would like to install on your building frontage. We can create customer shaped logos even! Colors are once again, limitless.

All of our metal signage and signage that is framed is printed using one of our UV cured printers. For an extra layer of protection from the sun, we laminate all of our signage with a clear overlaminate for longevity. You are making an investment into your business when you purchase signage for it, and we want to help protect that asset.

Acrylic and metal lettering is a classy way to get your name out there. Options include injection molded plastic lettering, formed plastic lettering, cast metal lettering, cut plastic lettering, laminated lettering, cut metal lettering. We install all of our acrylic and metal lettering as well. They look fantastic on the business building frontage, on monuments, or on flat metal faces that you want to jazz up with some extruded lettering. Acrylic and metal lettering are a classy way to make sure your business name is out there. They come in many different fonts, colors and finishes so you can match your business style to your lettering effortlessly.

Injection molded lettering is made from cotton and wood fibers, which makes it lightweight. But do not let that fool you. They are incredibly long lasting! They come in any color you could fathom, and they can be matched to your specific business color if specified.

Formed plastic lettering comes in a wide variety of fonts and can have beveled, flat, round, or prismatic faces. These are also lightweight, but are also extremely durable. You can even give these letters an even more expensive look and feel by gold-leafing them.