PVC Signs

PVC Signs are great for all types of indoor signage use! PVC Signs are an interior sign that is proven effective in directing people on where to go. Churches, schools, malls, amusement parks and everyday businesses use these to help visitors find their way around, as well as to post any important information or locating signage. PVC signs are a step up from our corrugated plastic signs typically used as yard signs. PVC is a thick and durable material that is flat and comes in 4×8 sheets. This allows your graphic designer at Highway Man Signs, LLC to get creative with your business or personal needs. There are different options as far as the thickness of the material available to allow us to tailor to whatever you may need. Not quite sure what you need? That’s okay, let our team at Highway Man Signs know what you would like to use your signage for and we can narrow down all the options to best suit your needs!

Highway Man Signs, LLC has worked with great companies, in creating the best, most durable, visible PVC signage throughout the business buildings. We also use our PVC material to create ADA signage for our friends that have a visual impairment. PVC signage, much like a yard sign, goes through our flatbed printer’s printing process as a single sheet, followed by a UV curing process. On these types of printed signs there is no additional sealing or protection needed. Put your company’s logo at the entrance of your building to wow your customers. While you are at it, we can even add LED lighting on the back side of the signage to give it an ethereal glow! Check out our “About us” video on youtube, ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RFLKCwwqv4&ab_channel=HighwayManSigns)  to see just what that looks like! You can also visit our Bartlesville location at 1037 NE Washington Blvd, Bartlesville OK 74006, if you would like to see it in person for yourself.

At Highway Man Sign, LLC, we use all the materials we offer to our customers for ourselves. We have used PVC signage for temporary use which can later be stored and reused in the future too. Do you have a special event each year, month or week that you need to display for your customers? This material is a great option for just that! With its durability and the long lasting printed design, you can use, store, and reuse your signage as often as you need! This material is not just durable but is also light weight, flat, and easily storable. With this being a flat material, it allows you to store your signage in a space with limited area. Just stack the signage and store carefully wherever you need. These signs are commonly used with regular storage in the church industry as well as schools. Between all the welcome signs, bathroom signs, directional signs, notice signs, PTA signs, or even science project boards, PVC signs are a fantastic option for anyone!

As always, Highway Man Signs, LLC prides itself with full transparency with itself and it’s products. This material is great for personal and commercial use, and stores very well, however, the care involved will need to be top notch. If you bang the face of the material against anything or rub it against something, the bump or bruise will definitely show through the material. Care is needed when transferring and storing this material. Keep PVC stored in a temperature controlled area for your new signage to have the longest lasting effects. As long as proper care is taken, this material will last you a long time.

Are you curious to know what a sign like this would look like at your business? Call us today to schedule an appointment for your free consultation! Not only will our project managers meet you where you need your signage, but our team is geared towards giving you exactly what you have in mind for your business. Are you not quite sure what your business needs to pop or stand out above others? Our graphic designers will create a design specifically for you at no charge at all! Yes you read that correctly, not only is your on site consultation free of charge, but so is the graphic designing process! Most companies can charge up to five hundred dollars for the graphics alone, and some even charge for a consultation fee up to one hundred dollars!

Highway Man Signs, LLC knows what it is like to start up your business, or upgrading your business. Our goal is not to gouge your business with all the added fees but to simply help your business grow too! What’s even better is when it comes down to the final printing process we still don’t charge by graphic but by square footage instead. No hidden fees ever from our business, ever! So let’s just recap on how to get your next PVC sign from our team. First, contact our business either by phone, by email at info@highwaymansigns.com, or by walk-in to either or our business locations in Bartlesville or Skiatook.

Talk with us, and let us know what you need. Second, if you would like for us to visit your business to create a plan to make your business pop, we will send one of our project managers totally free of charge to you! Third, our graphic designers will create a design specific to what you envision and will do this again, totally free of charge. Fourth, our team will send you a as well as a quote via email for approval of design, items needed, and cost, for approval. If you need a change just let us know and we will work with you, again free of charge, to achieve customer satisfaction prior to your final transaction! Fifth, upon approval we require half down for materials to be ordered to start production. From there our technicians will create your desired signage while also keeping you in the loop with where we are in our manufacturing process. Once the manufacturing is complete we will either call you for pick up of materials, or schedule an appointment for installation if needed. This is where you will complete payment and receive the product we’ve all worked to achieve specifically to your needs. Let our team at Highway Man Signs, LLC help take your business to the next level!