Real Estate Frames

Not only used by realtors, Real Estate Frames are a great way to advertise whatever it is that you may desire. They are called Real Estate Frames only because they have an opening for the main sign where you can display your business or purpose, and slots for realtors to place their riders that describe their listing a little further in detail. There are different options available on what styles you can go with.

A simple frame with one slot, upgrade to a two slot, or even a three slot frame. There is also an option for a metal A-Frame which you can stand anywhere. All of these options can be done as either single sided or double sided, whatever fits your needs best, we have multiple options. Real Estate Frames are mainly sold as just that, a Real Estate Frame. But really, anybody can use them! They are especially useful in the rural areas, where the elements may be a little too rough for standard corroplast yard signs. From snow and rainy weather, to hot and sunny days, these signs are incredibly durable. You don’t have to worry much at all about these signs getting destroyed. The frame is made of steel and painted black from the manufacturer, however we are always open to painting the frame whatever color you need it to be though! Pre-made Real Estate Frames can range from 18×24” to 4×4′ in size. We can also make custom built frames for larger signs, built in house, to ensure the proper durability is in place. These frames can either be built using wood or metal.

If you really want to do a classic wooden frame to advertise for your business rather than metal, we will happily custom build one to fit your signage needs. We will either paint and seal your new frame, or we can stain and seal it.Which ever you prefer, we will create for you specifically. If it is required of us, we will handle the installation for either option as well! Just let us know when and where you would like your new Real Estate Frame, and we can get you on the books!

As mentioned before, it is not only realtors who use these frames. They can be used by contractors who want to reuse their signage time and time again. Place it in a client’s yard, remove it when done, and then place it in the new clients yard. All the signage is made of metal as well (unless it is requested not to be), so the durability will outlast plastic yard signs by years if they are taken proper care of. Need to change the information on your sign? No problem at all, Highway Man Signs, LLC can do that too! Whether you bought your sign from us originally or if you are a first time customer with an existing Real Estate sign, our team can strip what you no longer want on your signs and replace it with your fresh and new information. Do you have a Real Estate Frame but need your metal sign plates replaced? We can do that too! Not sure what you want on your signs? Don’t stress about having a logo or design to provide us with.

Highway Man Signs, LLC will not only design your sign for you, but we will do it for free! Our graphic designers are skilled and will put your needs first when it comes to what goes on your signs. Are you doing some price shopping on what a Real Estate Frame will cost you? Let us know what our competitors have quoted you for their products, and we will beat their price by 10 percent for all of our first time customers! From a simple update on your Real Estate sign, to a full design and fabrication of a custom Real Estate Frame and sign, installation or no installation needed, we guarantee 100% satisfaction to all of our customers, new or not! It is our goal to always provide our customers with the best experience, the best service, and the best product they can get from start to finish.

If you are a realtor, look no further! We have experience working with all the major realtors in the area, as well as all the specific guidelines that need to be followed for your signage to be approved. We can work with you to get what you desire within those guidelines. Need help finding out what those guidelines might be? New to the realtor business and the process of creating and posting your signage?

Highway Man Signs, LLC has been helping realtors like yourself get what you need, and when you need it for well over a decade now. Our team will help you navigate through all the policies and standards for you to get the Real Estate Frame and design you need. All you have to do is to simply contact our office via email, or by phone to let us know what you need, when you need it by. Our team will oversee your signage needs from start to finish! We want to thank you for considering Highway Man Signs LLC as a potential company to work with, and if you have used us in the past or plan to use us in the future, we thank you for trusting in our team to provide you with top notch and personalized service! And again, in case you missed it earlier, all of our graphic designing is free to all of our customers big or small. To all of our first time customers, we will beat any competitors price to earn your business as well.

This is our way to show you why Highway Man Signs LLC is the highest rated signage company in Tulsa and surrounding areas. We strive for excellence and wish to best serve you and our communities. Thank you for choosing Highway Man Signs, LLC, we can not wait to hear from you soon!