Wall Wraps

Have you ever seen an image or dreamed of an image and thought to yourself, “Man, I would love to have that in my office”? What if I told you that Highway Man Signs, LLC could make that happen for you! Whether you are wanting to liven up an office space, cover your gym walls with encouraging motos, represent your school by placing your school mascot on the hallway walls, display your school name and logo in your basketball gymnasium, strengthen people with inspiring quotes and lovely colors on your hospital walls, or even something more personal, like a majestic forest for your newborn baby’s nursery, we at Highway Man Signs, LLC can do just that! Our graphic designers can take any plain old wall and turn it into whatever your heart desires. If you have an idea but still aren’t sure how to make that a reality, don’t let that hold you back! Get with our team, and let us know what your vision is and our graphic designers can help make your dreams come true! Don’t want to cover the entire wall? Or maybe you just want some walls covered?

That’s okay too! Do you have a business counter top you want covered with images? Maybe you want a solid color on the front of your counter without painting it and running the risk of it being ruined. Possibly you want a wood grain wall or counter without paying the price it would take to refinish your wall or counter with natural wood, and commit to the time it will take to maintain it. The options available to you are unlimited!! Yes, partial wall wraps are an option as well. We can even do something that would look like a very large sticker, sort of like, a high quality graphic logo that represents your business placed on a wall behind the check in desk or anywhere of your choosing. Wall wrap vinyl can be applied to so many different walls and textures too. Brick, drywall that has a primer coat on it, cinder block walls, finished wood and the 70’s favorite look, paneling! All wall wrap panels will be laminated in a UV resistant overlaminate for longevity! So sunny areas will look just as new over time as the darker areas of your office or home.

What will this do to the wall behind the wrap? Will it cause harm? Can a wall wrap be removed or changed later on without causing damage? These are some great questions! Our wall wrap materials are specifically designed to adhere to whatever we apply it to without damaging the integrity of what is behind it! In a sense, you can cover up a painted wall for a temporary amount of time and later remove the wall wrap if you desire, and still see what was previously there just as it was before, still preserved in that same manner. So if you ever decide you want to change your design, or if your company logo changes, your walls, counters, or whatever surfaces that are wrapped, can be changed as well! Wall wraps give you the flexibility that a painted wall cannot, as well as a mess free, smell free application!

Wait, did you just read mess free and smell free? That’s right! Say goodbye to messy paintbrushes and the lingering smell of paint fumes! No more buckets or trays to clean up and you don’t ever have to worry about fingers touching or bumping into a wall that’s just been redesigned! What about making sure there is enough material for the job? We all know the pain of standing in the hardware store trying to figure out how much paint you’ll need for your new look. Measuring, adding up gallons versus square footage, remeasuring and doing the math again! Only to have to go back to the hardware store for more paint and supplies. Ots a nightmare! Let our team at Highway Man Signs, LLC save you all the stress, money and time! Our skilled technicians will come to your business, office, or home to measure it for you! Upon installation of your new wall wrap you will never have to question if there’s enough, or have to keep people from accidentally touching your freshly renovated walls. When our technicians come to measure the walls for your project, they will also take clear pictures of the space intended to get wall wrap installed as well as assess if the wall wrap will adhere to your walls.

With the images our technicians take, our graphic designers will treat this like a blank canvas and begin creating a masterpiece. Our team will then send you a preview of the design, along with an estimate, for approval. Alterations can be made upon request, but we will not begin your wall wrap project until you have approved the final design. Once the design has been approved by you, our team will print it using our Latex printer on the best wall wrap vinyl available.

We guarantee we will print your wall wrap as high quality as  possible. All that’s left is scheduling the application with our trained installation technicians! That’s right! You don’t have to do it yourself, we have the best team around to install it for you! There isn’t much you need to do to maintain a wall wrap. To clean them, all that’s necessary is alcohol, windex, or another safe household cleaner. Spray a small amount on a rag or paper towel and gently wipe down. Simple, easy, and no hassle. Highway Man Signs, LLC takes great pride in the work we provide for all of our customers. From start to finish, it is our goal to provide you with excellence, hands down best customer service, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed! So with that guarantee, we encourage all of our customers to reach out to us if there is even a slight problem so we can address it quickly.

Contact Highway Man Signs, LLC today by phone, email, or stop by for a visit. We can’t wait to see your vision become a reality too!