Window Graphics

Window Graphics are quick, stress free, cost efficient and an effective solution for any business to advertise on their business windows and doors, as well as help boost customer exposure! Highway Man Signs, LLC can create and fabricate your graphic decals to advertise your business however you may desire. From a solid decal to perforated window coverage, window graphics can be used on any size, shape and type of window. Whether it be a storefront that you want to display business hours, address or a phone number, or a fully covered window with your business logo so that when people drive or walk by there is no second guessing where you are and what you offer.

Anywhere from a retail business to a coffee shop, diner, law firm, church, daycare, or state and government buildings, window decals get used literally everywhere! Just look for yourself, drive down any street where businesses may be, any kind of business, and look at their windows. Nine times out of ten you will see something in their windows, every single one of them! If they don’t have anything on their windows yet, chances are they are about to! So how do these decals work and how do they stay on? How long will they last and is it worth the investment?

I will answer that last question first, yes it is more than worth the investment and here is why. As I had stated before, when you drive down a road where there are businesses, you will know which business is which and most likely see a business you didn’t even know was there or possibly, you didn’t even know existed! That being said, whether your business is new or not you will always have a customer walk in and tell you they didn’t even know you were there, but then they saw your window.

Our goal at Highway Man Signs, LLC is first and foremost to give you what you want, but the bonus is that we will work with you to make sure what you want is seen and recognized with clarity and excitement. Our graphic designers strive to create the best and loudest visual effects for your business. We want every penny you invest into your business to have an even bigger return on your investment. How do these window decals stay on? Well it’s definitely not like the stickers your kids bring home from school, you know, the ones you try to peel off your couch and furniture.

In fact these decals are far more impressive! Not only are they extremely durable and can withstand hot and cold temperatures, but the application and removal process is one that our skilled technicians can place and update for your business as needed. The adhesive on these window decals is made specifically to adhere to your windows without damaging the integrity of it, or leaving a nasty sticky residue when removed. So say goodbye to goo be gone and sticky fingers, and hello to your next window decal without any fuss. How long will your new window decal last? Good and valid question for anyone who wants to get the biggest bang for their buck. The answer to that is an average of five years! Upon approval of your window decal design our team will print your image onto a durable vinyl on our HP printer and before the image exits our machine, it goes through a high resolution UV curing process to seal the printed design.

We don’t just stop there though! As you may know there are elements that will do whatever they can to dull out your design, so in order to protect the appearance of your investment our technicians place a high quality laminate over your design. Similar to a clear coat on your vehicle, this will help protect the integrity and the vibrance of your new window decal!

Highway Man Signs, LLC wants to help protect your new investment just as much as you do, this is why our equipment that we use is well maintained, and our technicians are well trained to give you the best product available! Well, what about a window decal that you can see out of but not into, does Highway Man Signs, LLC make those too? We absolutely do! This type of window graphic is our most used on full window decals.

It allows whomever is in the building to see outside, while your customers on the outside only see your business logo, hours, graphic, or whatever you want on your windows. This material is also loaded, printed, cured, and laminated just like our standard window vinyl is. Our HP printer has the software and ability to treat each material specific to it’s requirements, which leaves us with a confident knowledge of knowing the image will look just as good on a perforated vinyl too. Will this type of window decal help with sunlight and heat inside of my business? yes it will. Not to the effect that window tinting or full vinyl coverage would but it will help some. So instead of having a sunlight shine through that is blinding it is a bearable light with lower heat rays coming through. Like I said it’s not like window tinting but it does help some. 

We don’t just do window decals on buildings, we can place them on your vehicle windows too! These window decals are typically the perforated vinyl and most times placed on the back widow of a vehicle. It is ideal to place decals on vehicle windows that do not roll up or down or have windshield wipers. If placed on these types of window it can cause the vinyl to start to peel off. Don’t let that disappoint you though we can still do them. Most times you will see these on the back windshield of a business vehicle and even on personal vehicles. Display your business on your moving billboard while still being able to have full sight around your vehicle with our perforated vinyl. Or if your just a customer wanting to add a personal touch to their vehicle such as a memorial, an american flag, a picture, or truly whatever your heart desires, our team at Highway Man Signs, LLC can do that for you!